Magnaflows or Magnapacks???

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  1. i can't decide which to get. i can get either of them at the same price, but don't know how much louder the Packs are than the regulars? i am also getting a catalytic X Pipe that is Magnaflow also, if that matters. can anyone tell me if these Magna's have the interior resonance at 1900-2100 rpm's like a Flowmaster does? i hope not...
  2. Not a fan of the packs, but as long as you keep cats on your mid-pipe it should sound alright. I think magnaflows would sound good with an O/R mid-pipe, but it wont be near as loud as the Packs.
  3. I have packs with an O/R x..I love the sound...loud...but not SLP loud lol Great tone to it with very little drone :)
  4. Dont get magnaflow its as quiet as stock, I have a MRT catted h-pipe and the magnaflow catback and its almost as quiet as stock.....thats why I have ordered a borla stinger catback......dont get magnaflow u will be dispointed unless u are runing an offroad pipe, go with the packs
  5. I've got the setup your looking for, and I gotta say that you should go with the Packs, especially with the catted-X. I've gotten alot of comments from around here about how good my exhaust sounds. I think you'll be pretty happy with Magnaflow.
  6. Around 30,000 miles ago I put on a magnaflow O/R X and the magnaflow catback..

    When I originally put it on, it was "louder" than stock and definitely sounded much much better. Idle was about the same.

    In the last 10 or 15,000 miles they have definitely opened up.. Much much louder.. They have a definite "rap" (not rasp!!) to them and I think they sound very good. No drone at all, just a steady bump,bump,bump,bump crusin down the freeway.. Wide open sounds like an old-school muscle car..

    So, my advice is that if you get the flows, after 15 - 20k they open waaayy up and it's like you have a totally different exhaust.. But - maybe you don't wanna wait that long.. :)

  7. i've got the packs w/ an O/R prochamber and I love the sound...I've had 2 mustangs w/ 3 different setups and this is by far the best sounding...and it turns heads
  8. At 1,900-2,100 their is a louder sweetspot for the Magnapacks, but I would NOT call it a drone. It sounds really good at that area if you happen to fall into that range. Sometimes I'll stay within that RPM range just because it sounds good. I had the American Thunder Catback on my '93 GT and no, it's not even in the same category as the rediculous drone I got with that exhaust. It's just a deeper tone that says "Hey, look at me, I'm an attention whore". :D
  9. packs if your going with cats for sure. I have the packs with a UPR Catted X and its awesome, I love it.
  10. I have the magnaflow catted X and the packs and it sounds drone at all going down the highway and its civilized with a medium tone driving around town like normal but when I really step on the gas it gets loud as hell and sounds good....I think thats why my gas mileage is never so great and the radio is always off:D
  11. If you decide you want the non-pack cat-back, I have one on my car i'll gladly part with. I clean it daily, and the inside is cleaned with engine degreaser and a wheel brush. Cleanest exhaust anyone around here has seen.