Wheels-Tires Magnum 500 On A 65 Coupe

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by robert912005, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Has anyone put magnum 500's on a 65? If so did you have fitment issues? I put a 15x7 on the front and it hits the upper control arm. Has anyone else had problems? Also will the mags fit with the granada swap?
  2. i had magnums on my 66 GT fast back with no problems .what hits ,the tire or the rim?
  3. The factory 14x5 Magnum 500 rims fit fine on the front my 65 and a 66 I used to own.
  4. 14s will not clear granada or 68-69 calipers though.

  5. Good point.

    The originals won't due to the smaller center hub but the later 14's ones will since they were an option on the Granada. Supposedly aftermarket Magnums use the larger center hub too.
  6. I had the stang on jack stands. When i turn the wheel to the left, the rim hits the uca. I have the 15x7's so i think i will be fine with the granada swap. I believe i have the larger center hub.
  7. if the suspension is sagging with the car on the jack stands it will hit ,try it setting on the ground and see if they clear
  8. thats true ,the 71 -73 mustang magnums will clear as well.
  9. ok thanks for the advice...
  10. All else fails try a small spacer to creat some space behind the wheel.
  11. I have 15x7 Magnum 500 with 4.25 backspacing. I also have Granada brakes. There are no fitment issues.