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  1. Is there a way to tell what year a main harness is off of? I am collecting parts for an EFI swap and need an 89' harness. Someone locally has one for $30, but doesn't know what year it is off of.

  2. Is there a part number wrapper somewhere on it? Pictures?? Let me do some looking and I'll get back to you...

    Where the ECU harness would connect to the chassis harness (by the master cylinder), there are a couple differences, and it involves the number and color of the round connectors...something like 89-92 had two, but 93 only had one...
  3. The guy said no part numbers were evident. I will try to attach a picture:
    Best I can do for now.

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  4. goo...can't tell s*** there...can you just send the picture to my email address?

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