major blower heat soak! cant seem to figure it out?

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  1. still having problems with the blower and heat soak. got the car back today but still having idle issues. drove car home form builders and it was fine. checked the pipes on the bottom of the intercooler to see if one was hot and the other was cold...that checked out so far cause the blower seal was replaced.

    washed the car up because it was a mess. started it up to pull it in the driveway and the idle starts going up to 1500 then down to 500 multiple times. continued to do so as i pulled it into the garage. started to smell rich again. last time it went into limp mode and i had to have it towed into the dealer with the exact same symptoms. we thought it was the boost a pump from kb fuse. however, this time the bap is not in use and its the exact same thing starting.

    i hope it dont go into limp mode and rich again so i have to tow it back.

    anyway, i pop the hood and everything in the engine bay is burning hot!!!!!!! i couldnt even touch the hood prop! felt the inlet pipe and it was burning, i coculd only touch it for a sec.

    why the heck is this happening?

    i called the builder and told him. im going to let it cool down for the next day and try to drive it back if it is not in limp again. :nonono:

    what is going on:shrug:
  2. Not sure. But stop taking it to the same shop if they can't figure it out. Time for a road trip to MPH ;)
  3. god damn i wish i could get it to mph!!!! i dont get what the problem is. i know last time you guys were asking me where the iat sensor was located and i wasnt sure where he put it.

    however, i went with a blow-through set up useing the new abaco meter. i think the iat sensor is located in the actual meter. that is how the abaco's are made i think. so i dont think that is the the problem.

    however, im not sure if my builder knows how to make things work with that meter, the intercooler, and the mini race valve. he was saying maybe i need another minirace valve up near the meter in addition to the one i got???????WHAT!!! i never heard of that. theres no reason i should need 2 of them. also he said he dont do alot of intercooler cars. i cant imagine that either. all thats in there is race cars....what the hell are they using ? i have to figure things out here.
  4. where is your mini race located?? is it recirculated or vented to the atmosphere??

    i'm running a blow thru setup on my car with ZERO problems. (except close to pegging the MAF and running out of fuel pumps)
    my car had severe idle issues because my BOV was too close to the MAF (about 16" downstream) and was screwing with the counts. it would not even idle with the AC on. we moved it to the inlet side just before the IC and all issues are now gone.

    post up pics of your piping, maf, BOV etc....
  5. your blower is going to be HOT. the inlet pipes are hot also. the pipes should be very warm and the blower will get so hot you cant touch it. thats how mine are at least
  6. Dude welcome to having a highly modified car. LOL

    There are always things whether it be little or big going wrong. I was having tuning issues with mine and was actually running a full second slower than what it was last year. You talk about being pissed off. LOL

    Something has to be going on thats making your car run that hot, fans not turning on or something.

    Like Benny said if they can't fix it by the third time its time to go somewhere else. Get your money back and start calling tuners and explaining your problem. I drove 3.5hrs one way to get my car tuned and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  7. The car car shouldn't be so hot to where he cant touch the prop stick though. I know mine isn't.
  8. ture, the blower and piping may be hot and since he isnt used to a s/c car the normal temps of the charger and pipes may be more than he expected.

    is the car overheating? i know mine had a nice little air pocket in the system after the engine install causing it to get hotter than normal
  9. ill take some pics of the set up. the bov is to the atmousphere. it is located down by the intercooler. ill get some more info later.

    i am already looking into new shops before i posted this. made athread in the northeast forum..

    thanks guys....ill take some pics.
  10. isnt RWTD or Pauls high Performance in the north??
  11. Pauls is in Michigan. Not to get into anything but I would stay away from there. Far Far Away!
  12. theres gotta be some better shops close by. i know of at least 5 around my area within 100 miles and 2 of those are less than 10 miles away
  13. so i have some pics i took after work. i went home after work which was 7 hrs later and the blower and intake plenum were still heat soaked and hot to touch. i could keep my hands on them but they were very warm. i couldnt believe it after 7 hours.

    that is how bad the heat soak is i guess bbefore the car starts acting strange witht he idle and running rich. im scared all this heat is going to break things mainley my engine.

    anyway, heres som pics of the set up.....i think there is a air flow problem. either the air is not getting cooled, the air is getting blocked, or something is falty and not letting the air through.:shrug:





    the bov is located down toward the drivers side wheel
  14. I was going to say make sure the BOV is opening at part throttle
  15. Not sure about the other stuff...but dude your IAC is plugged into the discharge pipe you DONT want that! You need to reroute that down to the powerpipe (inlet) where that thing is capped off, that's where its supposed to go! Boosting and IAC will make it not work/fail.
  16. wait, is the iac the white sensor plugged into the maf? because i asked my builder about that and he said that the iac was built in the maf for this new abaco model. he said it should be that way because i run the blowthrough set up.

    are you saying that even with that abaco maf and the blow through that the maf should be on the boost pipe? what would then plug into the maf where the sensor is?

    thanks guys......maybe we can get to the bottom of this:nice:
  17. no no no, I'm talking about your IAC (idle air controller) not IAT. Having your IAC setup like it is might make it hard to get it to idle right.


    It should be setup like this.
  18. have you double checked your oil feed line? I know you have to rotate the inlet side of the supercharger but i dont think that line is supposed to be on top. i believe it should be on the side or something but not on top. you could be improperly supplying oil to the supercharger.
  19. He's right, the IAC should be working under vacuum, not boost. That's proly why it wont idle. You shouldn't have it set up like stock intake there