major blower heat soak! cant seem to figure it out?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ADRENLN, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Had my car to Paul's High Performance a couple of time. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Will be going back this winter for more work.

  2. Its ok how it is. That is how all the procharger setups are. My car idles fine, and it is just like that. The only thing that you have to reroute to the intake side of the blower is the breather from the valve cover. You just have tuning issues. I would take it to a different shop, they should have been able to dial it in on the dyno in a day. Good luck.
  3. tuning issues would make the car run this hot????? it seems like a majoe air flow problem. how would that be the tuning?
  4. Good Luck. He sure as hell couldn't tune my car. He had it 2.5 months and then 3 times after that and it was never right. Idled bad, drove bad, bucked like a mother, not to mention my car ran a whole second slower after he tuned it and all the upgrades I did.

    Lidio had it 2-3 days and it was done, drove perfect and I picked up a whole second with his tune.
  5. id either go to big daddy performance or wicked at this point.

    however, my mechanic is paying to have it towed back to his shop. he wants one last crack at it. he knows if he cant get it, i will go elsewhere.

    however, is the iac set up right or wrong? do you guys see anything wrong with this set up? the way he has things done, routed, mounted?
  6. Are your exhaust manifolds red hot by chance?
  7. where in NJ are you located? theres a place on Long Island i know of.
  8. i didnt check the exhaust manifolds but everthing under the hood is red hot so id assume that the they are too....what are you getting at?:shrug:

    ihave other places thanks anyway. im in south jersey. those 2 places are good and i will get in there. my current guys has one last chance.

    do you guys see anything wrong? where is the iac supposed to be? i got two different answers! dont forget this is a blowthrough set up. its a bit different.

    however, i think my builder might try to convert back to draw through with the sct meter and see what happens.

    i really wanted the blowthrough though. i dont wnat any more difficult to drive.

    anyway, what about the iac?
  9. IMO the IAC tubing should be routed like I drew in the picture. Simply because as soon as your blow off closes boost is being applied to both sides of the IAC - that just can't be good for it. Like the one guy said, that's how prochargers run it, but I think you would get more accurate amounts of air through the IAC it if its drawing the air through on its own, and not having air forced in by the blower.

    A competent tuner should be able to fix your issues, I think. Also, if the car is running exceptionally lean at cruise/idle it will make it over heat/get real hot...but my guess is its really not any hotter than its supposed to be, you're just not used to it.
  10. that dont really explain why it runs fine when the guys gives me back the car then by the time i get it home the idel starts to go and the car starts to run real rich and just wants to stall. that has to be heat related! once the car gets heat soaked it starts to do this.

    also i tried to find a thread that there were people posting up pics of their blower setups so i could look at tham for comparison, but i could not find it. maybe it was on another site but i still didnt find it. anyway i searched through a couple of pics on googl and they all have the iac put back into the stock location on the inlet pipe.:shrug:
  11. do you have you iac going into the boostr pipe benny?
  12. If the manifolds/headers are getting bright red, you may have a timing issue is all I was implying but that issue should be preset 100% of the time.
  13. meet%20004.jpg

    I have mine routed back to the powerpipe, yeah.
  14. oh! no i dont think that was happening.
  15. oh yea, i see what you did there benny! hmmmm i never really see them like that.

    i wonder if that can help. i mentioned it to him but he didnt seem to think it would help. ill have to bring it up again.
  16. i checked out some pics of the novi charged saleen here on the site and it is set up the exact same way as far as the iac and the oil feed line somone else mentioned. those things should not be the problem if hes runnin g them like that.

    however, he is a draw through set up so maybe there is a difference.

    any other ideas guys?
  17. It looks right to me. Most of the new style "tonsil' mafs have the iat built into the
    maf. The iac is correct as well.
  18. I think you said that you believe the car is running rich. It actually sounds very lean. Back in the day on carbureted applications, you always knew which cylinder was running lean. Just aim a pyrometer at the primary tubes and the one that was the hottest was the leanest. If lean enough the exhaust headers will "glow in the dark". What is AFR right now or can you measure it?
  19. i cant measure the air fuel ratio but its back at the shop and he should be able to measure it. i think its running rich because of the heat. it gets so hot after running or driving the car for a while that it def. runs rich . the car stinks super strong fuel smell. makes your eyes water. the last time i drove it anyway and the rar would not run. on the street i put my foot in it and the car would hardly move. like there was no more boost.

    i believe the car went into limp mode because of the heat to protect itself. :shrug:

    this time i didnt drive it to see. i just had it towed back to him.
  20. It shouldn't go into limp mode just because of the hot weather, if that's what your saying.

    My KB gets so hot it starts to change colors.