Major Problems, bucking surging past 2k CEL AHHHH

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 89gtVert, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Ok so lately my check engine light has been poping on and off and the car still drove the same so I thought maybe it was my o/r h pipe finaly catching up with the comp or something. Well today im merging on the highway and go full throttle in 4th gear and the light pops on then stays on the whole time im on it in fourth (55-80mph) I switch to 5th gear and with light throttle it starts bucking almost like its out of gas or something. So the whole drive home Im trying to figure out what it is. And in every gear with any amount of throttle more than 1/4 it starts doing that which is usually past 2000 rpm. When I put the clutch in and rev it with less than 1/4 throttle it revs fine and sounds perfect with no unusual noises or anything. I have no idea how to pull codes off of it or whats wrong. Any ideas? Also I just wanna say it still idles perfect and sounds fine with less than 1/4 throttle. Sorry about the long post guys, thanks for any help. Ryan
  2. Anyone????
  3. Update, went for a small drive with same symtoms got a code scanner (dont know how to use it though) But when I got home it seems to stop bucking, so I reved it up and a lot of black smoke came out. And it also left black marks under my turndowns. Could anyone tell me where I plug this thing in to pull the codes (cant find my manual) thanks again. Ryan
  4. Id be willing to bet its your fuel pressure regulator, i had this problem myself once.