Major "shaking" from the rear end!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Mean88, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. I have noticed lately that my stang shakes terribly at high speeds. The rear end of the car doesnt seem right. Anything over 70+ and the rear shakes badly. I ran the car at the track this summer, and blew the traction loc out(brand new in spring). Ever since it has been shaking like this. I was launching hard on the thing, powershifting too. Could I have a bent axle? Maybe a bent driveshaft? I have a fms aluminum ds, and a tremec tko with a centerforce. I was running BFG drag radials too. It started doing this since I blew the tracloc. Another thing. When I was in the rear end changing my gears back to stock, (I thought the pinion was bent on my 3.73s) I noticed with both sets of gears in there that when I turn the pinion shaft the thing seems like it is out of round. The ring gear would make 1 complete turn freely, and then it would bind. It is strange, I would spin the ring gear by hand, and in the same spot everytime I would have to reef hard on the thing to get it to turn past that spot. I am confused, help me please
  2. i had a similar problem. it turned out to be that my pinion nut had gotten lose and caused the pinion bearing to go bad. it made a ton of noise and vibrated like crazy. i had the pinion bearing changedand had no more problems. lucky for me it didn't damage my gears
  3. which brearing was it? The front or the rear bearing? Did it cause any damage to the d/s?
  4. both bearings went bad due to the lose pinion nut. the bearing that gets pressed on the pinion gear was in the worst condition of the two. it didn't damage my d/s. i also have a fms aluminum d/s.