make my car the TINIEST bit faster

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  1. i have an 89lx 4cyl, check my cardomain in my sig. but yea its slow as fuggin sh1t and i would love to get over 100hp. its rated at 88hp by ford and i know the 91-93 are at like 110. can i get like a new cam, or even newer gears for my rear end to make my car a LITTLE faster. im getting a 5.0 this summer, but this is my daily driver and i dont want it to be EXTREMELY slow. cuase if i am going 45mph and push the petal to the floor, the car make alot more noise, but doesnt accell ANY faster.
  2. Invest the money in the 5 liter, when you get it.
  3. Buy a nitrous kit from ebay for under 200 bucks, run an 80 shot, that is what I did on my 92 auto 2.3 and it would roast the tires in first, basically 160hp!! And it takes it like a pro, just run 1 heat range colder plugs and 89 or 91 octane. Makes the 2.3 fun without a lot of spent money.
  4. Im assumeing you missed the part about it being a DD so spraying the piss out of it wouldnt be in his best interest.:shrug:

    Anyway as to your question about the only thing you could do that wouldnt involve alot of money and effort would be (im assumeing its a auto) a set of 4.10 gears for the 7.5" rear...that should help it move out of its own way...other than that all you can do is enjoy the gas milage.
  5. hey yeah there is a cold air intake for one on ebay..check there type in intake in search n i believe one will come up.. My roommate order one from there he has a 89 did a good difference for the lil car..mine is still faster only by a lil bit since mines a 93 running the 110 stock..pz
  6. my CAI did LITTLE difference, but yea the 4.10 gears sounds like a nice idea, how hard are they to change? and where can i find them for a 7.5'
  7. do i need a new speedo cable? and if i do decide to get that can i just take of the back cover on the gear box ( get a new one cuase its really rusty) put the gears in, put oil or something? and then its done, that easy?

    ~Also, what are the stock gears on mine? is a NA a4ld 1989? i figure its below three becuase i know the stock gt gears were like 3.08 or something like that
  8. you need a new speedo GEAR....its located in the side of the trans held in with a 10mm bolt. As for the diff cover sand and re-paint it.... swap the ring and pinnion and get a gear install kit as well and a set of axel bearings. you have 3.73...the reason you have taller gears than a GT is because it is a auto 4cyl.
  9. o wow i didnt realise that. then i guess there isnt really much to be gained from new gears is there?
  10. Not really. If you're really getting a 5.0, spend the money on that.
  11. try some 4:10's and a cam and maby find someone to port your head.
  12. 92 4banger auto ran 3.73's?

    can anyone show this to me? i just dont see how....
  13. look it up if you dont believe me...this is a auto 4banger rated at 90 hp And 4.10 would make a difference.
  14. The A4LD's were definitely 3.73's in the 4 cylinder cars.
  15. i see your in pa you making it out to carlisle next weekend??
  16. You will find the most power in the cylinder head.. port it! It is very restrictive, and you will notice a nice boost just cleaning up the casting and smoothing out the runners. While you're at it, stick in a Ranger roller cam or some other cam. Gear will help, but not all THAT much. Oh yeah, put a Ranger exhaust manifold on there.. get the tubular design. It'll bold right in, except for the EGR pipe. Just get the Ranger EGR pipe and I believe you'll be in business. Do the header and the port the head and it'll feel like a different car.
  17. Nah, I should be there in June for All Ford Nationals or whatever it's called.
  18. keep your mustang egr valve tube , and also get the ranger egr valve tube.

    cut your mustang egr valve tube at the middle point ( keep the part that actually hooks up to the egr valve ) and cut the ranger egr valve tube in half as well ( keep the part that hooks up to the ranger header ).

    once this is done, weld them together, and make sure there are no holes, and your in serious buisness.
  19. I cut out my stock catalytic converter and muffler. Then I replaced the cat with a high flow cat and replaced the muffler with a flowmaster 40-series muffler. Gave the car a noticable increase in power and has a nice sound, sounds a lot better than a little coffee can exhaust.