Make that a "2007 Cobra"

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  1. I received the following email today. Looks like we won't see the Cobra back until mid-'06 as an '07 model:

    PowerLease Puts You in the SVT Driver's Seat for '04 and Beyond

    If you've been thinking, "Should I buy a 2004 SVT vehicle or hold off and wait for the next-generation version when it comes out?" - SVT has come up with the perfect solution for you!

    The Ford Special Vehicle Team has launched an innovative new lease program called PowerLease that not only gives you a great Ford Red Carpet Lease deal on a brand-new 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra or SVT F-150 Lightning, but comes with a special twist: Every SVT PowerLease customer will receive a priority option on one of the first next-generation SVT vehicles to be produced. The length of the lease is custom-designed to expire at about the same time that the all-new 2006 SVT F-150 Lightning or 2007 SVT Mustang Cobra are due to arrive - currently scheduled for production in late-2005 and mid-2006, respectively. There are even provisions to shorten or extend your lease as necessary.

    With the SVT PowerLease, you really can have your cake and eat it too: Drive and enjoy your 2004 SVT vehicle now, and when your lease is up, you'll be first in line to roll right in to an all-new, next-generation Lightning or Cobra - with no waiting! The SVT PowerLease is a limited-time program, so don't delay!

    For more information on this special SVT PowerLease program, visit the certified Ford SVT dealer nearest you, check out the SVT Newsroom at or call 1-800-FORD-SVT by June 30, 2004.
  2. Haven't we been thru this? We are gonna wait two years from right now to see the's only two years we can make it! :spot:
  3. I just haven't seen anyone refer to it as a 2007 model year, though. Everyone is calling it a 2006. Maybe I'm out of the loop. :shrug:
  4. The earliest we've heard that it will be available will be mid 2006 but it will be a 2007 model.
  5. The power lease on the 2004 Cobra is a 30 month term, timed to end at the planned introduction of the next gen. Look for it to debut sometime Jan-April '07, and hit dealer floors Sept '07.

    I hope. Don't want it to go longer than that.
  6. Wow, I was thinking 2 years but that's 3 years! I think I'm gonna give my dealer a call today about his inventory of 14 2004 Cobras, he should be dealing. Unfortunately the lease would not work for me because I put on about 18K miles a year. This is killin' me :).
  7. Darn typos.

    That should have been "debut sometime Jan-April 2006, and dealer floors September 2006.
  8. As anyone heard what the lease amount will be or the amount due at signing? Just curious. Probably don't have the credit for a lease agreement but might be able to pick up a cheap previously leased 2004 Cobra in 2006.
  9. Not that familiar with leases but from what I surmised it would be around $3000 down and $550 a month.
  10. We didn't get that powerlease in Canada, up here Ford dropped the interest rates on cobra's to 0% for a 48 month term and 1.9% for 60. You can get into one now pretty easily.