Making the switch from conventional to synthetic oil

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  1. What about changing back to regular oil from synthetic oil? What if you have been using ONLY synthetic oil since putchasing your Mustang brand new and then down the line after 36,000+ you want to change and to use ONLY regular oil? Can you do that without causing any damage to the engine and its internal parts? What's the advantage of changing over to regular oil from synthetic oil if you've been using synthetic oil for over 36,000+ miles since purchasing your Mustang brand new?

    I currently own a 36,200 mile 2002 V6 Mustang and I am trying to save some $$$DOLLARS$$$ and am thinking about using regular oil in my car. I have been using synthetic oil ever since I purchased my Mustang brand new though. Will it be okay to start using regular oil inside my V6's engine for the rest of the engine's life span? Or will I start having engine problems if I make the change from synthetic oil to regular oil? And what would be the answer if my car was a 4.6 liter GT Mustang? I also own a 2001 MUstang GT which has very low mileage (like 2,520 original miles) and I am thinking about changing over to regular oil for that car too. I have been using synthetic oil in my GT since I purchased it brand new.
    Will using regular oil cause any harm in my V6 or in my GT Mustangs if I have been using synthetic oil all this time since both Mustangs were purchased by me brand new? I'm hoping that I can do the changeover to regular oil if it's not going to do any harm to the engine and its internal parts. What do you think? Please explain.
  2. where did you find this info? i'd like to do some more research since ive never heard this before.
  3. There should be no issues switching over, only thing to note is that you are going backwards in quality. If you are using Amsoil or Mobil 1 already, you would be switching back to a base that cannot handle heat as well as a PAO, and won't offer the same protection. In many cases if all runs normally, you won't have any problems, but if there is an issue, say a water pump going bad, or loosing a radiator hose, the extra heat resistance and protection offered by the higher grade oil won't be there. In many cases, synthetics are extra insurance, should something happen.

    If cost is the main factor, you might want to consider one of the extended drain synthetics. In the long run, they will average less per change than what you might spend on a normal petroleum drain every 3000 miles.
  4. there were a few threads about it on this page as well as BITOG. besides, it costs more than M1, and M1 is easier to find.
  5. Lot's of great info in this thread... anyone think it should be added to the sticky?
  6. but M1 doesnt make a 5W-20. thats why i always buy RP
  7. M1 makes a 0w20 which is approved for the 5w20 spec. only real difference will be more flow in the morning. at temperature its the same thickness.
  8. I used to run synthetic oil in my '89 SHO with no leaking problems. I would point out that the motor in these cars is the same motor as they put in the 300,000 mile Crown Vic taxis. You could piss in them and they're going to last.
  9. Synthetic oil brands

    Has anyone heard of the Lucas Synthetic Oil Yet? I figured since there other products are good, than this must be too. Im thinking that this is similiar to royal purple.:shrug: