Malibu Enzo Crash and Mickey Thompson Tied Together

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  1. Police that are investigating the 165+ MPH crash in malibu, CA raided the home of the driver and Owner of the Enzo....The weird part is that his home is the same home where Racing Legend Mickey Thompson was isnt that strange?
  2. wtf ! :SNSign:
  3. Again, I jumped in one of your threads and got
  4. The original story about that Enzo was one of the most interesting news stories of the year. It had more twists and turns than a good Hollywood movie and gets more interesting as it unfolds.
  5. the guy who crashed the car is supposedly a gangster from europe.
  6. everytime i see a thread or something on the net that says "malibu enzo crash" i imagine a chevy malibu full of kids trying to race an enzo and i'm like "what the hell is this?" and then i remember and i'm like oh.......poop
  7. yup this story has more twist and turns than i could imagine andthey say he ahs another Enzo black along with a Mercedes SLR all imported from europe
  8. what does the prior owner of some house have to do with anything? The guy exported a number of cars he couldn't afford, in an effort to avoid paying the bank. He wrecked one, got arrested, and that's pretty much that, IMHO. I suppose if you stay home all day watching soaps, you might try turning it into something it's not, but whatever :/
  9. if you are even on the list for an enzo, you have more than enough to pay them off on the spot.