Mallory Vs Magnafuel

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  1. Looking to get electric in-line fuel pumps for my carbed setup, 140+ GPH. The car is a DD/Road Course car. I read old threads, got alot of info on the situation. Most of the threads and advice seems ancient, so I want a more recent perspective. I've heard about Holley being alright :drool:, maybe better for racing since it won't see constant use like a DD. I know as far as ignition, I see people going back to Mallory over MSD. I'm wondering if the Mallory fuel pumps are comparable? Basically, I want to hear if anyone has some recent advise or experience about Mallory or MagnaFuel or Holley? I'm definitely leaning to Mallory or MagnaFuel. Thanks all!
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  2. I don't know carbed at all, ....someone does though :flag:
  3. Magnafuel , they make awesome :poo: and stand behind it. My friend had a holley black i believe it was on a 468bbc 12:1 comp . And it fed it fine as well
  4. Thanks for the responses :flag:. Yea, so far I haven't heard anything bad about MagnaFuel. The couple people I've talked to said they run them on turbo DD's through the stock sending unit. Which surprised me because we all know that's how you burn up an in-line electric. The Holley has been completely back and forth though. Some say they work, some say they're only good for racing, some say it depends on how its baffled, etc... Ugh. Holley blacks are cheap, the Mallory's are moderately priced, and the MagnaFuel is kind of pricey.
  5. buddy had magna on his turbo cAr and it was great he just bought one for his coyote swap in prep for a blower next year worth the money .

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  6. Thanks, @TOOLOW91. Yea, I'm working on getting this blower running ha. Alot of prep work.
  7. Nevermind the robmcperformance. How about Race Pumps fuel pumps?
  8. I like fuelab.....

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  9. What have you used these on, just curious? They look good definitely flow enough, and have a 2-year warranty supposedly.
  10. I have used their stuff on 1200hp cars with no issues, they have some great features.

    Shoot me a pt# of the pump your looking at I'm a dealer and can save you some $$.

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  11. Thanks for the offer! I found some pumps called Race Pumps and have been talking with there engineers. I think I should give them a try since it's mechanical. Everywhere I've looked doesn't have mechanicals that can keep up. I'm just waiting on a response about there warranties they offer. If for some reason they don't work out I will be in contact with you. Glad people are friendly now in days :nice:
  12. Just remember there engineer is gonna tell you it's the best well because he designed .it Rick puts food on his table building these cars and know what works. again just an observation :)

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