Man I love my blower!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by str8stang036, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. I finally finished today. I needed to install the bypass valve before I could drive it. All I have to say is "OH MY GOD" what difference. :jaw: :eek: It feels like a beast. I was leaving my house for the first time, and the car would rev up fast with just a small tap. Man does it pull hard, and I couldnt even push it hard because of the stock injectors. I know, I know, they are coming out in a couple of weeks. Its awesome. This has been the best christmas yet.



    Dont pay attention to the clamps, those are just temporary.
  2. Some more pics


  3. Happy for you bro :nice:

    Just ordered my NX nitrous system. Hope I'll be as happy as you of the results !
  4. looks great man! Im glad you didnt give up!

    Now just get the 42lb'ers in there and get her tuned and feel the power.
  5. Looks good. You will totally love the blown power. It is like nothing else, besides 400 plus cubes. I have been driving my car the last couple days and I never get tired of the power. It actually scares me to take the car over 5000rpms because it pulls soooo hard. Feeling the tires break loose in second gear at 50+mph is a feeling like no other. Be careful with her!!
  6. The FOX TB set up looks awesome. Man I am considering that conversion. Be safe with that fuel system.
  7. how difficult was the fox tb conversion ???
  8. That is beautiful, Congratulations!!!!
    Me very jealous!
  9. Jose, I cant believe you FINALLY announced it and put the pics up.

    GUYS: he has pretty much done this on his own :hail2:, with some help from his dad. He has called Joe and me a few times for some "quick questions" but has pretty much done this job solo.

    Kudos to you bro, glad you finally announced it.

    Joe, what is better about the Fox TB setup?
  10. Are you using the 95 style IAC motor? I'm doing this swap soon and wondered if I can still use some of my old electronics. Looks good.
  11. we need a sticky on the 93 down tb setup...
    by the way nice blower looks good..

  12. Yeah what is better?
  13. The fox TB conversion is super easy. All you need is the fox TB, cable, bracket, new TPS. The IAC from our year fits on the fox TB. The only modification that needs to be made is with the TPS connectors. They are different in our car. Just split the cables and attach the new connectors simple as that. I recently started a thread that said everything that was needed for the swap. It really simple and you guys have the convenience of knowing which wires go where. Cause I sure didnt.

    My dad helping me was great. He was there for moral support, and as my slave. LOL

    What makes the fox conversion better is that the airflow has less bends, and its more direct. Which means more horsies.

    Joe- I am being super careful with the fuel system, I dont plan on going over 3 or 4k with it.
  14. Sounds good, but I dont buy it! :nonono:

    Jose, You were supposed to call me back :notnice:

    Call me as soon as you get up manana!
    I will be up by about 7:30/8AM.
    Maybe you can stop and get the gaskets on the way over, so I dont have to heat up the car.

  15. Nice job man! Car looks awsome too!
  16. I think it looks much better then our set up. That discharge tube polished would look bad ass.
  18. Joe, Your killing me with ALL YOUR POLISHED STUFF :lol: and I gotta get us one of those shorte tubes polished :hail2:
  19. Rob- I dont think I can make it because I found out that I may have a grounded wire that is stealing power from the drivers side headlight, and my speedometer doesnt work. Go figure. I must have unplugged something when was back there. Sorry dude.

    I plan on polishing the tube later on Joe, then it will look bad ass.