Man i miss EFI

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  1. after drivin aound the house in a 98 blazer or chevy truck for a while then stepin in my baby, it takes som gettin used to i'd tell ya that.
  2. Know whatcha mean! That's why my filly now has EFI. Far superior to carburetion for my car needs. :nice:
  3. oh yeah, i miss it too :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: all that trying to trouble shoot problems with efi and what not. tracing wiring through bundles large enough to hold up the golden gate bridge, spending $50 on parts when $15 would do to fix a carb'd motor. yes i miss it also :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  4. cobain=wus, suck it up boy!
  5. LOL, I'll probably run EFI at some point in the future. Most likely when I get the blower. I made the decision to stick with a carb early on and largely for monetary reasons but I gotta say this...

    Carbs LOOK better than FoMoCo EFI (I never liked the side-draft setup). And a carbed motor SOUNDS better (I love that sucking sound versus the sewing-machine sound).

    So for now I'm sticking with the Holley:

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  6. hey now, this is my first non-efi engine that i have driven or even tried to start. lol im crankin it and dad is just shakin his head in shame ha ha ha ...i'll learn
  7. :lol: Heh, that's funny. Reminds me of the kid the first time (and last time) I took my car to an oil place. He also thru my 3spd into reverse thinking it was 1st though. There is some adjusting to do. Most cars like that full pedal press followed by holding at half pedal for a cold start. Do you still have drum brakes too? If so, you are in for more culture shock. :p
  8. LOL! A friend of mine has '94 Silverado nearly identical (except for the multiport instead of my throttle-body EFI) to the Rice-Eating Generic Chevy Truck. She still hasn't figured out that she doesn't have to punch it twice then hold half-throttle before cranking it over. I've said something a couple of times, only to be snapped at. So now, I just try to hold in the giggles :rlaugh:

    Still Dreamin'

    EDIT: Not that I should say anything....took me about a year not to do the same when I went from the '76 Chevy to the '91. I would always "punch once, floor it, get off immediately when the motor catches, else it will die again!" (Stinkin' Rochester Quadra-flood) And it took me a looooooonnngg time to learn that maneuver after 5 years with my F100's Holley!
  9. I agree, carb looks better under the hood than that side draft. I think the front feed EFI on my LT-1 looks great with the RamAir box. But the fact is both EFIs work better with less trouble. Yes, lotsa wires, but you can pretty well install them and forget them.
  10. if your carb and motor are in decent shape, it should be easier than that, for mine, i get in, punch it real quick to the floor once, remove foot from pedal and turn key and start, if its cold, i hold half way all while starting till started, and if its fairly warm, just start, no pedal.