Man, I remember the old days on StangNet, the posts came so fast you had a hard time

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  1. keeping up. In the 5 minutes or so to type a post, there would be 10 other new posts come up and existing ones being posted to. Is it because of other boards?:shrug:
  2. Two hours without a may be on to something. Or, the same type of 'where is everybody?' posts came up last july when everyone started to do their summer things and I noticed a huge lack of traffic during your good folks' thanksgiving holidays (ours is the second monday of October). It'll probably slow down till after Christmas.
  3. I agree, seems alot slower around here than it used to. IMO, there used to be alot more new tech around here, when EFI/T5/AOD/R&P were the newest rage. Now that that stuff has been beat to death, there isn't so much new stuff to discuss. I've seen alot of people come and go also, some I miss, others I don't. Just the way it is I guess. Just think how slow it would be if people actually used the search feature before asking a question? Can you say tumbleweed?
  4. I hear ya'. I havn't even been here that long and I've noticed things slowing down a bit.

    Talk and classified forums are especially stagnet. Have you ever looked in the V6 fourm? The only thread they have going is titled, "V6 forums are dead" LOL

    sure am glad to have stangnet though.

  5. I am going to wait a few days before I reply to this.

    Ooops, too late. But I agree. Where's everybody at???
  6. Then there are a few other factors.
    It seemed most of the posting occurred during the dead of winter for one.
    Also we were all inspired by the adventures of the GBM.
    Then we had a tighter group which is now minus SuperDave and a few other "instigators".
    Then all of our posts were together in one forum (Tech and Talk) and we all pretty much stayed with it whether it was tech or talk.
  7. Sorry posted in wrong thread.
  8. who you callin' an instigator?:scratch:

  9. A certain big blue fuzzy closet monster and his 3' walking monocular sidekick? A rabid toe-humping Christmas cookie? The lump that left the couch?
  10. Don't forget the master of Cheapness, and a few other characters we had back then. It was indeed a zany time!

    It may be time to re-visit some of those incredible threads of yore.... (Like chepie's topless thread, the grandaddy of them alll!)
  11. Look in the mirror.

  12. :( it broke.:(
  13. ah yes, the good old days when everyone we knew was a post whore just because we could. IIRC when it would get really slow someone would start a really stupid thread like "hey it's 2:00 am anyone awake?" kind of stuff. nobody really does that much anymore, possible exception being this thread if it lasts long enough.
  14. Okay, I started a thread to kill time. Have fun with it! Hopefully we get some insightful material!
  15. Can anyone find a link to the old gutter stuff?
  16. I have another theory... And for those who frequent boards, prob. will dicard my theory.. But....

    Maybe people are actually starting to use the search therfore, not needing to post repeat questions anymore.. ;)

  17. ..while I'd like to think that's true, its probably not :nonono: :p

    The same old questions continue to be reposted over and theory is that the indulgent long-time Stangnetters who used to regurgitate the same answers over and over are tired of constantly retyping the same stuff.

  18. Im still around lol.... and i will admit the local car boards in my area tend to suck up my time :(
  19. I read alot...but dont post that much....

    Maybe with the constant increase in price of these cars, we are getting fewer and fewer new owners...

    with the same rate of attrition(spell check) but fewer new members-

    ??? I just made that up but it sounds good in
  20. whoring.......:drool: