Man, I remember the old days on StangNet, the posts came so fast you had a hard time

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  1. I miss the weep hole saga too!
  2. Gentlemen!

    and EVIL OVERLORD WENCH too!:nono:
    Rather than lament on what has past, long ago, in the pre-Apocolyptic Server Crash days, we must move ever forward, creating exciting and NEW Stangnet Adventures to enjoy!
    We still have many of our stalwart characters lurking about, just looking for a good thread to hijack.
    New depths to plumb in the Gutter and unexplored DARK corners way way way in the back of The Closet!
    So I dost say, gird your loins and off we go on a Merry Amok-ing! :cheers::banana::cheers:
  3. AAAG!

    Fuzzy, it's early Friday morning. How am I supposed to read such eloquent wording????

    (now where did I put down my coffee cup????)
  4. Not for's LATE Thursday night still....(just got home from work! ;) or is it that time zone that runs up the Hudson?:scratch:)
  5. Now that's a positive attitude! Good words to live by in any context!
  6. I know that this seems like a strange thing to say, but has anyone noticed that the "good old days" seemed to coincide with an extremely high unemployment rate?

    I know that I was out of work for a while as well as several others on here during the times that everyone was posting like crazy.

    Unemployment rates are back to normal and the forums have slowed down.
  7. And a great cheer went up across the land for they knew the BIG BLUE FUZZY ONEwas right, and off they pranced and paraded to run amok, hijacking threads amongst the boards!
  8. Fritz-I think the POR-15 is starting to get to your head.

  9. DOT 3 shooters! :nice:

    (not to mention all the other chemicals I've got lying around the basement .)

  10. I thought it was monkey boy who was doing the DOT 3 thing.

  11. He's the one who got me hooked! Bad chimp! Bad, bad chimp! :nono:
  12. A couple million homes were damaged or destroyed during hurricane season this year - may have something to do with the lack of response.
  13. dot 3 is good stuff. It makes your tongue numb and warm at the same time. I am still waiting for the cancerous lesions to erupt from it though.

    as for not posting, I admit to not getting on to tech very often. Its been cold and rainy, plus I am lazy. So I havent broken anything worthy of posting about.

    although I am in the middle of a chevy 350 rebuild for a friend, I need to finish it so I can use the motor stand to get a motor put together for my 67.
  14. Time for some kitty quaaludes!
  15. Okay, I guess I should have clarified. I meant Tech posts, not O/T posts.
  16. Quit whining.
  17. I thought thats what half the tech posts where :D
  18. They were.

  19. Ha, I got laid off a few weeks ago and here I am back again. I guess it is partially true since I've had time to sit around and think about things I'd like to do with the stang and have finally brought it to my house where I can be reminded about those things everyday.

    I guess the main reason I was gone for so long was because I got pretty involved with f-bodies for a while. Being part of the staff on one of the largest f-body sites ( takes up a lot of my online time.

    I finished the restoration on the stang a couple of years ago, but I'm looking forward to being back here and getting back to work on it, converting it from factory original to more of a restomod (when I get another job and have a better flow of income, haha).