Man, I remember the old days on StangNet, the posts came so fast you had a hard time

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  1. Judas Priest on a crutch! Now I know how made Basic Marksmanship - if you'd kept your eyes open; it would have been "Maggies' Drawers" every time you went to the range! :rlaugh:

    Well, even though this thread is obviously designed to be 'jacked; I'm gonna take the easy way out and do it anyway. :rolleyes: Had a good time last week at the PRCA convention and first performance of the Hational Finals Rodeo in Vegas :nice:Nope, didn't take time to see Jay's shop or Sinister; but I got to see a lot of :eek: faces on the Strip when the Bimmer drivers looked out their side windows to see what the noise was - only to find it was three Stetson-clad Arizona rednecks in a 7.3L diesel dually 4x4 barrellin' down the lane they thought belonged to their "fine European Driving Machines" :p

    Also got to see some outstanding displays of long blonde hair and perfectly-loaded Wrangler low-rise ladies' jeans :drool: Wednesday night: Cheyenne Stampede Committee's hospitality party that took over the rooftop luonge at Rio. Thursday night: Got to see Joe Diffie and Neil McCoy live on Fremont Street, had a fine steak at "Binson's" (spelling?) right after that concert; and then piled in with one gentleman and 6-7 ladies from Scottsdale in a 38-foot-long Ford Excursion limo for the trip to Gilley's. Also, learned (from those same Scottsdale ladies) no less than 12 different pronunciations of "shnockered" :lol:
    (Oboe, are you listening? This was a quintessential JC trip)

    Friday night was the Rodeo, then home. Oh yeah, we got a little work done.... Dodge sponsorship is finalized (Yeah, yeah, yeah; but they're the PRCA sponsoring manufacturer, so we "Grabbed Life by the Horns"! By the way, the latest incarnation of the Cummins six-banger comes with an engine brake designed by Dodge, Cummins and Jacobs and covered under the truck's powertrain and emissions warrantys :nice: )

    Also, our Rodeo Boss got well down the road with the Jack Daniels contract and I firmed up my deals with Scottsdale's Arena Chairman over our shipping crews back-and-forth in February and March. Turned in the final paperwork to the Specialty Program Insurers, so we don't all get sent to debtor's prison if some blind Snowbird steps in and slips in some bull***t and breaks their 80-year-old coccyx.
    All in all, it was fun. I remember most of it; got some pictures, was smart (or lucky) enough to destroy some pictures. However, I'm not even trying to count up the gallons of Coors Light, Jack and Crown (all sponsors) that were consumed by the crew I was hanging with.... I'll just say that the hangover cleared up about 1230 today.

    So, I had fun.... how about you guys????

  2. sounds like fun. I found a bar (not offlimits) along the infamous "hooker hill" with NO hookers, a couple of dart boards, and GOOD TEQUILLA! Well, about five of those, two flaming 151's, and a Beam Black later, I was walking out (yes, walking) into the snowstorm.

    Now my knee hurts again. Actually, the knee I got when I was sober. Picked up some new boots, and caught some air along the side walk. So far I'm at an average of two Ice slips a day. And sorer for it.

  3. Can't top those stories, but......

    I had a great date Friday night and saw a killer Clapton cover band. Played lot's of CREAM and other old Clapton songs!
  4. :nonono: and here I am, still coughing my lungs out aand trying to get over this damned bronchitis.........I haven't been downstairs (basement) (YES, The Closet has a basement!) since before I went on my Thanksgiving road trip!
    Trip was excellent....the '66 is still a possibility, maybe more so if a certain 15 y/o lass and her penny pinching dad want a father/daughter project......I might be able to broker a steal.................errrrr, deal.
    And of course I got to see my Dad.
  5. Well,

    What's the deal with this 66? We are getting Deanna that Honda in a few weeks, as Mustanggurl will officially be a "RICER"!!!!
  6. I don't really know.....I haven't spoken with my cousin yet. It is currently sitting (out in the open) on the end of a coarse gravel lane at my uncle's farm near Walden. It's been there ~2 years and my uncle would like it gone.
    I don't have anyplace to keep it, so I haven't tried contacting my cousin yet.
    I will say most likely needs a rotisserie job, last time I looked (and I couldn't get far enough under to be sure) there was at least surface rust on the subframes, and the floors looked like they were getting ready to go.....I would say it's at the point "sally" was in '01 when I first started this resto., it's not too far gone yet, and is definately doable by someone who has the knowledge and skills. I just don't have the time, money or space. If I had the space to store it and prevent further deterioration until I had the time and money, I would consider it.

    **EDIT** My cousin did drive it there from NJ, and it will run and is "driveable", but I wouldn't take her on the road without a brake job at the very least.
    **EDIT #2** My cousin had someone drop a 302 in it some time ago, but it still has the old I-6 suspension and steering.
  7. You mean a "RICER" wannabe!:nono:

    guess we'll have to get Oboe to ban her then.......:nonono:
  8. I only seem to post when I have money to buy parts, with the exception of today:D No, today I had to prep the backyard for our annual EMS Christmas party (read :cheers: :cheers: :puke: and have a unit on stand-by for post indulgence IV's and rides home).
    I wasn't around for the "good 'ole days" of Stangnet, but I do remember the "ole days" before the internet, when we had to dial up to BBS's on our 2400 baud modems and when we thought 14.4 was blazing fast.