Man my car got broken into

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  1. This was so gay last night at the theater some ***s broke the lock off my passenger side door. Smashed the **** out of my Dash and broke everything just to get my stereo and then they took all my CD's my new craftsman tool kit, my new shift light, my 6 disk changer out of my trunk. Then they popped my hood and took my MAC cold air intake and my Pro-M MAF. Then they stole my freakin GT badges off the side of my car, with a god damn screw driver ****in up the paint. I hate ****in stealers soooooo gay. Hopefully insurance will be good with fixing everything. We have 21st century, are they good?
  2. Sorry to hear that man, I feel for you. Hopefully everything will work itself out.
  3. That sucks man. It really sickens me that people can go steal **** out of someones car. They dont know that people work for the **** and install it themselves. hopefully 21st hooks you up. Sorry bout yer car.
  4. Damn, sorry about that man! That really pisses me off when people mess with other people's cars.

  5. Been there, in front of my house in fact. although, they didn't steal parts, just stereo stuff. But i know the feeling of coming out to your car and seeing it all jacked up like that, it S***S BAD!
  6. That just plain sucks man.

    It HAD to be someone you know.
  7. Dude that sucks so bad im really sorry. I agree it might be someone who knows you or they just figured lets pop the hood and see what else we can steal, damn theifs. Did the theaters have a camera? To do all that it is bound to make noise and get attentionim surprised no one saw. I hope the insurance really helps you out.
  8. another thing....lots of people dont know Mustangs....and i bet you have shown just about everyone about your "trunk pop" in the glove box right???....just sometyhing for thought....

  9. no to blame you or anything but thats why ill never install a stereo system in my stang, exaust = stereo.

    sorry to hear ya, i would beat the crap outta these guys.
  10. yeah in not sure if it is someone i know or not. It just sucks and now the police havent called me back so i can get a damn police report and get this show on the road. So now that i need a new intake are their any intakes taht go from the Throttle body to the fenderwell that are better than MAC??
  11. You could try an Anderson Power Pipe or Morpheous (but I think Morpheous is out of business). See if you can score an 80mm PRO-M or something out of the classifieds too.

  12. Had something very similar happen to a friends car, but they only busted out the lock and took the Alpine headunit. That really sucks man.
  13. I was just saying that they must have known he had something under the HOOD to take or they where daring theives, not the trunk. If someone is going to steal something they want to take as little time as possible why pop the hood unless you know there is something under there that is worth it. Something else for thought.
  14. Im gonna agree with alot of perple that the person knew
    you and knows about mustangs. If I were gonna jack a
    stereo out of a camaro I wouldn't wast my time with the
    intake and badges because Im not into that kinf of car.
  15. Sometimes people suck !!!!! Hate that chit...

    Hopefully the insurance will cover don't have like 500 deductable???
  16. people really suck.

    had a friend to get his windows busted out of his truck while at the movies. He had like a brand new stero. Like amp sub and headunit. He had 900 dollars into it and it all got stolen.

    Someone tried stealing my brothers amp a couple weeks ago. My mom got up to let a cat out and saw that the light was on in the truck at 1 in the morning. My brother went out there and someone had tried ripping the amp out from the wires
  17. Thats horrible, I really feel for you man. What time did it happen, and how long was your car parked outside.

    Also, don't get a AFM power pipe, they're horrible for a street car. I have one, it looks real nice but functionally it sucks. Read the reviews about them.
  18. i have one of those $45 CAI's from ebay. i like it and from what ive heard its pretty much the same as the MAC CAI just cheaper. sorry to hear about your car tho, i hate it when ppl mess with other peoples cars :mad:
  19. Do you have an aftermarket alarm system? I sure hate to hear about stuff like this. Many times, an alarm system will create enough noise to make the theif anxious and usually nothing happens, unless the theif is ballsy enough to try to disable the alarm.

    Movie theater parking lots are usually very big, so it's easy for a theif to break into a car without making noticeable noise. I've heard of a siren that is so loud, you would be in pain if within 20 feet of it, let alone inside the car. Of course, if a theif wants inside your car, their only a single piece of glass away from total access. Thankfully you have insurance.

    I've got a Viper alarm, but I really think that I'm not much of a target because I keep my interior clean of any visible items, plus I always remove the head unit (basically looks unappealing). Man, someone you know or have shown your car off to sounds like the probably theif.

    There is an alarm I might be interested in if I get a new stang in a year or two. Basically, it has all the main features, plus it has a "pager" that will tell you if your car's alarm on/off AND it will notify you immediately if the alarm is triggered (as long as you are within a mile). The pager will also let you know what type of sensor was triggered, so you know if it was sound, impact, or a specific zone. Once you get the notification from the pager, you can find a window or other viewing area to find out what is going on and call for help quickly. Carry a camera? Take pictures of the theif while he/she is in action (good luck, but a few people have been that lucky). I think this system is sold through places like Crutchfield. Very interesting to me. Insurance is the best policy, though.

    Good luck. Hopefully you can get some good parts cheap.
  20. man taht sux bad. Its one thing to steal from a car, bu tto f it uo in the process, its just mean.