Man my car got broken into

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by WhiteDevil, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. My uncle is in the italian mafia, give me a name.

    lol im just kidding with you sucks about your car bro
  2. hope your car gets better soon, and you get fortunate enouph to find out who did the dirty work.... so you could possibly begin yours :) lol jk doubt you'd wanna do that..

    but damn, insurance better pay off here...

    cause my neighbour just had his 200$ stereo stolen with the dash board all broken to **** like yours and insurance is only giving him 150$!!!!... gotta question wtf we're paying insurance for sometimes... i do live in canada tho with the ****ed up government, so im pretty sure they influence the insurance guys to scam us even more :shrug: :flag:
  3. This makes me want to make a crazy alarm system. A horn that would make a deaf person squirm!!! Then get extremely bright lights under the dash, so when they are trying to find the alarm wires, they are being cooked by heat and blinded by the light. :drool:halogen bulbs:drool: Might be enough to piss them off and run.
  4. actually, my dad took off his 80mm mass air. i talked to him and he said he'll let it go for $65 shipped. he feels bad that your stuff got stolen. its for 19 lbs injectors. just pm me or AIM me. sucks about that. my old stang got broken into but the ****ers knew me and didnt break anything, just stole the old stereo. oh well, i got it for $90. i have a bad ass one in my new stang..and an extremely loud ass one.
  5. I was reading all the responses and I got to thinking. If it was someone you know that did it, they had to know you were at the movies. Did you call someone and tell them you were going to watch a movie? If you did then I would question that person about this. More than likely it was someone thats into stangs also. :shrug: Just my 2 cents.
  6. *****. i can't imagine how i would react. i hope the insurance helps you out nicely.

    stealing a stereo deck is one thing. ripping their car apart, stealing parts under the hood, and wrecking the paint is another. if you find out who did it, use their balls for pin cushions.
  7. I knew two kids in high school that used to go around breaking into people's cars. They did eventually get caught and charges were pressed, but it made me overly cautious as to where I park my car. I hate taking it to the movies. I always try to park under a light and as close to the main entrances as possible.
  8. So i was looking in my car today and noticed that they never opened my center console for some reason. Two big gift certificates and my tire gauge and my wheel lock key were all in there. Then wedged between the drivers seat and the center console was an old screw driver that definatly isnt mine and i think they used that to get into my car. So im taking it in to get fingerprinted today, dont worry i havent touched it yet.
  9. ebay and is the way to go for an intake... i paid $43 shipped! closer to $50 now... cheap, and hella effective, = or moreso than MAC... and 1/5 the cost :D
  10. Good luck with the Police and the Finger print thing! Hope they catch the Flockers!