Man with mustang needs door hinge help

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  1. I was jw if anyone could help me and give me a good idea on how to fix a door hinge a fast easy way
  2. Whats the problem? You have a sagging door with a bad hinge bushing? You will need to get the proper hinge pin /bushing replacement kit. Comes with a new pins and 2 new bushings. To remove the door, you will DEFINITELY need 2 people, and then a soft blanket to set the door on so you don't scratch it. I'm pretty sure you just remove the bolts that hold the door to the hinge assembly. , but you'll have to support the door somehow as you remove the first bolt, as it's going to want to drop down a bit. Same with the last bolt. Again..... Get some help.. I've not done it before yet myself. Yet.

    Oh I nearly forgot. If you have power windows / locks/ mirrors, you will have to unplug the wire harness inside the door and remove that rubber piece between the door and the car body. That rubber piece has the wiring inside and keeps them from getting damaged/ wet.
  3. Good luck on trying to find those pins and bushings, Ive looked everywhere and cant find them. Of course they have all the other models just not mine. Any help on where to locate them would be appreciated.I have a 99 model.
  4. Advanced Auto Parts has hinge pin kits. It's in the H.E.L.P section.
  5. I checked advanced (again), they only have up to 98 models
  6. What year is yours? if it's 05 or newer, your in the wrong forum section. 99-04, the pins should still fit.
  7. so your saying that pins for 98 models should fit 99-04? Are you sure because Id hate to get this thing torn appart to find out they dont fit. I have thought about pulling them and seeing what i could find that would work. If i cant I guess i could go ahead and replace the whole hinge. I really didnt want to do that because of paint.
  8. when i got my car and found it had bad hinges i just bought some new hinges all together and painted them and put them on, its alot easier than dealing with taking your old hinges apart and all that stuff