Manual boot on auto shifter?

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  1. I remember back awhile someone did this and it looked so awesome. Is that person still around? If not, does anyone have the pics?

    Thanks guys!
  2. hey, i think it was the one who did it. i dont know if i have any pics ill look through my pics.
  3. Lol what do you mean you think? :p jk man
  4. shifter

    heres the only pic i could find, i must have got rid of my old ones, sorry it the best i could do, i dont have my auto tranny any more.
  5. I tried to do it and a stock Fox boot won't really fit well.

    It will fit fine in Park or revese, but if you pull the shifter down into D or 1 (or 2 and 1 for you a4ld guys) it would pull the boot off or bind up.

    Even the 5-spd plate didn't want to fit around the Auto shifter right.
  6. there were some picture of it on turboford. A guy did a nice install, but it was with a C4.
  7. mine worker with the stock T5 boot. and i removed the plastic shifter thing that says P R OD D 2 1 and it fit good, i all so used the 5spd shifter bezel too .and i think i put the boot on backwards so i could get in to 1st
  8. Got any pics?

    I worked at it for a while but still couldn't get it to work out good. Maybe there is a physical size difference between an AOD and A4LD shifter unit?? That's where my prob was, the 5-spd plate was hitting the unit.
  9. i also took the unattched the shifter bezel from the boot, so that i could make i fit alittle better.