Manual shifting an aod

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  1. Slightly off topic- but my first car was FWD and tray sliding kicks ass. Didn't like burnouts though
  2. toasted in a year

    trust me i been there.

    by going back to "1" after your in "2" you re-engage some intermediate clutches that SHOULD NOT be engaged
  3. Ever driven a "race" manual transmission?

    I'm not debating it, as a race prepped auto is one bada$$ toy, but after having driven a handful of race manual cars, there is basically no lag and full engagement with every shift. Interesting feeling the first time you shift a T5 (not a stocker thats for sure) without hitting the clutch. :D
  4. you cannot shift faster than a race prepped auto trans period. A machine is faster than you. Manual trans has to go from one gear then thru neutral into the next gear. You cant shift as fast as an auto. Period. The auto trans does require horsepower to run it though, there is some loss of hp when ussing an automatcc.

  5. Not sure if serious....
  6. You must not spend a lot of time at the track....or for that matter ever heard of power shifting? I've seen man beat machine plenty of times...and I'm regularly am able to do it myself. Well built auto cars are faster than most....but not all. A full blown race set up is one thing, but your average street car is entirely another.

    Using your own "moving parts" logic, let's compare the two and count the steps....

    Manual = gear/neutral/gear
    Auto = gear/torque converter/pump/cervo's/valve body/gear set/clutch pack/gear

    at the track.....


    ...or on the street.....

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  7. I did it for years on my AOD. I didn't do it daily, but at the track, and a few times on the street I would do the 1-D-1 shuffle.

    never had an issue other than having an AOD. Glad i swapped to a stick though
  8. doing the 1-d-1 dance is rubbish. better to get a reprogrammed valve body from silver fox or lentech that will allow you to hold second gear without the possibility of damaging the transmission with the constant 1-d-1 dance. the other nice thing is that lentech and silver fox both have od lock outs.
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