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  1. Dano,

    You left me hanging?

    I figured you had better things to do. Don't we all?

    Catalog builders? Yeah, I know them. I call them BOBs, for Bolt On Boys.

    You write some people want to be spoon fed rather than put effort into the work. ... sometimes I get the feeling (and this isn't everybody and not in every case) we're suppose to to all the footwork for them. .... sometimes i feel, why should I let out all the secerets? I've spent alot of my time just figuring this stuff out

    That pretty much nails it. At times I get the impression some of these people are entitled to information others had to work to obtain. That's one of my major gripes against Grahl, he got on The List and demanded we turn over our information .... WTF?

    So now when I believe I see someone who thinks their entitled it brings back an old , bad taste.

    Dano writes: Sorry to ramble on, I just want to encourage other car enthusists to get out there and be more resourceful rather than letting just their credit card do the work.

    So true, and the reason I quit going to shows. This Car thing has turned into people using a mix and match of the same parts from the same hand full of venders. A good illustration of what I feel individuality has become can be seen in the South Park episode
    Use to be I would got o shows to see how different people handled problems ... seems noow they handle the problem with the credit card and phone. I can't understand how they get fullfillment from that.

    Ahh, but I ramble.
  2. All the parts are in, now to install on the car and get it aligned. Total cost $127 New manual rack, New outer tie-rods, used pinto ragjoint.
  3. Budget, and nice.
  4. Sorry to bring this one up again, but any of you guys know if a Pinto/Mustang II rack will fit on a fox body (79/93) ?????

  5. Huh? Could you elaborate on this a little? What list? :shrug:
  6. I'm only about 50% sure of this, but I recall the fox having a different spacing on the rack mounts than the IIs have.
  7. just my .02+

    I agree with all of you about not having time/making time to work on the II or hit a junkyard and find some parts.

    I even find myself watching ebay for that jewel in the rough and then the price goes over the top and then I wonder if a sat morning 45 min away would cost me that :shrug:

    Here is my take on sharing info-- we all need it to keep us energized on our IIs if we all gave up hope then the fox's win. We dont live in a bolt on world and it saddens me to open up a mag only to find there must be a missprint they seem to have missed 5 precious years in there.

    I don't agree that people should be able to demand our corporate knowledge and yes nube will ask the same questions and will keep answering them. So don't feel like you have secrets that other should have to work for just like you did doing all the research. Dano remember the starter craziness
    I used your ideas and even did alot of research myself braved 100 buxs now I have a PMGR that is worth its weight in gold and it only weighs 8 lbs after having my II 15+years and replacing starters or drive bendix every year or so to include a few flexplates and I know I was not the only II owner with that problem. I wanted and did stand on top of the world and shout it so every II owner could hear..

    Basically what Im trying to say whenever I find a new Idea /mod I want to share it with everybody to keep the dream alive

    Just to name a few:
    Modded headman hedders
    Escort GT seats
    strutrod body bushings
    Auto meter tach
    sun pro guages
    universal Lakewood trac bars

    kudos to all those who have helped me/others and will help in the future. Most of us on here are mid to late 30's and a few in there 40's me included lets not ruin this group with name bashing and slandering other comments lets leave that to the youngins and the rice generation.

    z--aka Rob

  8. This is not a knock on anyone but personally I would rather spend every Saturday if not Sunday driving my finished car with all new parts on it. I wish every part for my car was available new, and you know what, that would mean I wouldn't have to search junk yards all over the country for parts. Who the hell wants to do that? It's certainly no fun not being able to find a part you need in good condition. Just my opinion. :shrug: