Manual Steering Rack

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  1. Im sure this has been covered a thousand times but ive never asked about it so here goes. Is there a manual rack out there from napa or whoever that will mount right up to my 92 with my power steering ragjoint shaft and tie rod ends. Im really trying to keep from going the expensive flaming river route. Any tips or advice is needed.
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  2. Cheapo way ( although I don't recommend) is to simply plug off the lines on your existing rack.
  3. Over time, it will damage the rack.
  4. Never plug it what you do is you bypass the lines by making a loop and connecting both ports together so the fluid in the rack has somewhere to go
  5. aint there like a manual rack out of a 79 that fits right in?
  6. Ya i was thinking there was a rack that fits right in im just not sure of the year. I definitely dont want to loop the lines.
  7. Anyone know a definite year???
  8. I bought mine off ebay, just google manual rack mustang. It really isnt that hard to steer the car and im sure i save a good amount of weight
  9. I personally have the flaming river rack in both of my cars and would not do it any other way. Just my .02 cents
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  10. Looping the lines does work but it's hard as hell to turn... I have the flaming river kit in one of my cars and it shaved like 30lbs off and although it has skinnies it isn't bad at all.
  11. Just bite the bullet and get the flaming river rack. That's my .02 as well.
  12. Out of curiousity why do you want to remove the power steering? Is this mostly a track car?
  13. I also have the complete Flaming River setup on my car. I'm running 245/45/17's up front and its only a bit tough to steer when parking. I'd keep power steering if it was a daily driver
  14. Even if it isn't a daily driver, if you aren't after every last hundreth, i wouldn't go manual. It really doesn't serve much purpose, the weight loss and power gain is minimal. Once it starts to become a job driving your fox, you'll start driving it less and less until you don't drive it at all.
  15. My rack and pump both are leaking and i was thinking of going back with manual to clean up the engine compartment a little bit. I also wont have to deal with it leaking again
  16. If you fix it right with new parts it shouldn't leak for years to come.

    I certainly wouldn't sacrifice power steering and driveability to clean up the engine bay.
  17. If its a DD I wouldnt.. But I love my manual rack and its not even a flaming river and it turns super easy. I cant stand my engine bay being cluttered. 244040_482783881746724_773027109_o.jpg
  18. Ya mine isnt a daily driver. Where did you get your steering rack?