Manual Steering Rack

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  1. I also run Flaming River racks in my Foxes, with skinnies OR wide front tires. Doesn't bother me. I guess I'm just used to it now.
  2. That's just because you're so buff from working out at the gym all day. Eat a cheese steak or something for heavens sake man!
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  3. HAHAHA!!! :D
  4. I bought all new tie rods just because they are dirt cheap. I bought just the knuckle looking for the company now will post when i find it
  5. Well for the life of me i cant find where i bought just the knuckle. There was a company that made them for about $50
  6. When you bought the tie rods did you buy them for a car with power steering or a car without?
  7. either will work. They are the same
  8. No, I'm 99% sure the thread on the tie rods is different from factory to the manual racks. That's why most companies have bumpsteer kits for Manual Racks and a different part number for power racks.
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