1. I was wondering if driving/riding in a car w a manual vb feels like you're riding w someone who is popping the clutch everytime they shift? Say when you're putting around town is it jarring? How hard are they to live with? Not a dd but not a race car
  2. I have A lentech AOD Manual VB trans I love it...no it doesn't jerk you around at all unless you want it to...lol...my car drives like stock until you really get on it then if shifts hard ..normal driving it shifts pretty normal...hope this helps...
  3. Mine shifts like a normal automatic for the most part.
  4. a lot of how smooth is shifts has to do with the converter. it can shift as hard as it wants but if the converter is loose you'll never feel it. my built trans in my lightning shifted pretty damn hard under part throttle when i had the converter locked. but if it wasnt locked it felt stock
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  5. Ah,I'll darned fellas, that doesn't sound bad at all. Would y'all say performance wise a manual is better than a non say if both were lentechs etc?
  6. Well Lentech makes a Manual VB that is still an Auto too you can just leave it in Drive there is a switch that turns On Overdrive when you want it...mine is the older style lentech i have no TV cable at all no adjustments just manual VB and an OD switch...But i would think the one that you can leave in Drive will be faster in a race...even tho mine is a positive shifting trans and im decent at driving it nothing shifts as fast as a True Auto set-up right...
  7. things have come a long way since the old days. it used to be that a manual valve body meant hard shifting, especially in gm transmissions. today however, they are much better at being civilized in normal operation.