Expired Many 99-04 Mustang 2v Performance Parts

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Nov 27, 2011
Like the title says my 04 mustang gt was stolen sunday morning and they wrecked it so I have a few stuff I am going to take off the car and sale some even trade like all parts I am selling were not affected on wreck I need a little cash for down payment on a car so make offers willing to let everything go cheap preferred local pick up

Magnaflow magnapack catback - $250 OBO

Magnaflow True catted X x pipe - $250 OBO

Steeda tri ax short shifte- SOLD

Professional Products 75mm throttle body and plenum - SOLD

Steeda under drive pullies - $150 OBO

Mishimoto Alluminum radiator just installed couple months ago this is the new version with brackets - SOLD

K&N Cold Air Intake filter might need replacing - $60

black 03 cobra wheels staggered 17x9 & 17x10.5 with brand new nittos nt555 extreme performance 315/35/17 on rear and nittos nt555 extreme performance on front 275/40/17 one front tire is bad and one is worn from one side do to bad struts but still works - $500

Steeda rear shock tower brace -SOLD

24# Ford motor Co Fuel Injectors with plug adapters for sn95 - $50 Shipped the injectors are from a 2010 mustang and they were removed with just under 20k miles on them they will come with all eight plug adapters which means they can be used on any mustang from 1980s - 2010 I received the injectors this morning and they look in mint condition with all the o rings


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