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  1. I am located in Uxbridge, MA. Small stuff I will ship, but the big and heavy stuff Is local pickup only. PM me for inquerys. Fox body parts. 86-93 Mustang and 94-2001 GT clutches

    1- World Class T5 5 speed manual transmission. Came out of 86 Mustang and will fit 84-93 Mustangs direct or install in something else. Shifted great before removed from car. I replaced it with a stronger one when I went supercharged.

    1- Used Zoom Stage 1 Clutch Kit, 10 spline 10-1/2" for 1986-1995 GT, 1996-2001 GT, and 1996-1998 Cobra. I put about 600 miles on it before teardown of engine and installation of Supercharger. At that point I stepped up tp a stronger clutch.

    1- Used Ram Powergrip HD Clutch kit. 98794HD. 10 spline 10-1/2" for 1986-1995 GT, 1996-2001 GT, and 1996-1998 Cobra. I put about 1000 miles on it before going to a different clutch. It didnt work right with my custom hydraulic setup on my 67 Mustang.

    1- Complete 306 CI rotating assembly. Balanced to 50 oz flywheel and harmonic balancer. Speed Pro Forged flat top .030" over pistons, Eagle I-beam rods, .010/.010" ground crankshaft. These have about 4000 miles on them before I rebuilt the engine to handle a big supercharger.

    1- Procharger Supercharger kit (used) fits 87-93 Mustang. Procharger P600b head unit with 14 lb pulley, There are no problems with the procharger. I bought it to go in my 67 Mustang , but the way the bracket is it wouldnt fit in that car. It is made to fit a Fox body. It comes with a 12 rib pulley setup, a couple extra belts, an extra crank pulley, a couple extra supercharger pulleys, installation manual, oil lines, 42# blow through MAF meter, all intercooler pipes, brackets, upgraded tensioner, upgraded bypass valve, and 3 core intercooler. This kit made 576 rear wheel HP on the previous owners car. I have about $2000 invested in this kit. This kit cost about $4000 to buy new. I am willing to sell the whole kit for $1900. If you are interested in buying the set of #42 injectors to go with it I can make you an even better deal. The injectors I am selling are Ford Racing injectors and I can guarantee they only have about 500 miles on them.

    1- Vortech V-1 S trim Head unit only. Fits 87-93 Mustang It has been rebuilt, Polished and powdercoated clear so you wont have to repolish it ever.

    1- Set of 8 Ford Racing 42# Injectors 87-93 Mustang Only about 500 miles on them before I had the car tuned and stepped up to 60#ers.

    1- Anderson Mr freeze methanol injection for late model fox body Mustang. Installed, but never used.

    1- New Fox body 87-93 Ford Racing clutch cable.

    1- Used 86-93 Mustang 5.0 liter Valao replacement clutch. Used for about 15 miles to get the car after we bought it for parts.

    1- Used 86-93 Mustang T5 crossmember.

    1- Used 86-88 Mustang Speed density computer and complete engine harness

    1- MSD distributor Part number 8598 Billet, Magnetic Trigger, Mechanical Advance, Ford, 289, 302, 5.0L Steel gear for use with roller cams.

    I have a few different Pro-m and Summit Chrome Bullet MAF meters, Just tell me what you need and I will see if I have it.
  2. do u you still have the 306 set-up block and rotating assm. and how much fir it thanks and fir the stage 1 clutch and will it come with everything thanks again
  3. Why does everyone keep thinking I have an entire block with the rotating assembly? It clearly says Rotating assembly and nowhere does it say anything about a block. I dont have a block it is only the crank, rods, and pistons. $400 or best offer on the rotating assembly and $100 for the stage 1 clutch. It will come with pressure plate and disc only.
  4. I'm looking for a Mass Air meter for 24# injectors at a decent price.Like most,funds are limited.PM me.Thanks.
  5. how much for tranny pm me
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