(MANY PICS)Broke in my new DSLR cam on some of my diecast

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  1. Since the UPS man got here well after dark, I went ahead and charged up the battery and got out my mostly Mustang diecast along with some various other Ford/Shelby cars. This does not include any of my NASCAR diecast which I believe I have 50+ cars in storage. All of these you see here were purchased just this year. I was on a many month long binge of buying up pretty much every Stang I saw in various stores. Several times I would go to the stores just for that purpose...kinda crazy, I know, but they are Mustangs after all:D

    First I will start with the larger scale:
    '65 GT
    View attachment 344635

    '67 GT
    View attachment 344637

    '67 GT500
    View attachment 344639
    View attachment 344641

    '67 GT500KR
    View attachment 344643

    View attachment 344645

    Various S197
    View attachment 344647

    Shelby Cobra, Shelby GR-1 and Ford GT
    View attachment 344649

    Now onto the smaller scale:
    '65 and '67 GT
    View attachment 344651

    View attachment 344653

    '64 Falcon, '67 GT and '70
    View attachment 344655

    '67 GT500
    View attachment 344657
    View attachment 344659

    Blown S197
    View attachment 344661

    View attachment 344663
    View attachment 344665

    Patriotic S197:flag:
    View attachment 344667

    Shelby Cobra
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    View attachment 344671
    View attachment 344673

    Shelby Daytona Coupe
    View attachment 344675

    Shelby GR-1
    View attachment 344677

    Ford GT
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    View attachment 344682
  2. You have some nerve putting up that you got a new cammy and not telling us what cammy it is..

    I did the same thing when I got my XTI.. got camera home when it was dark out and I wanted to go use the dang thing on something - anything. Die cast was the answer - *goes searching pc for die cast shots from a year ago*
  3. I just got the Canon Rebel XTi kit with the 18-55mm lens. This is my first SLR so I have much to learn:D The pics were taken at the full 10 MP, but were cropped and resized. I opened the pics up in the pic program and the images are 54" x 36"! That is banner size!!!!!
  4. Get those cars out of the plastic! Play with them! Hold them!

  5. Seems like a serious addiction problem to me but I'm no expert, lol. Really cool stuff.
  6. I'll have to go through and photograph some of mine. But I would have to use my lightbox, which means all the cars have to come off the shelf and into the other room. That's a lot of work! Lol. One day.

    Congrats on the purchase. Good choice.
  7. Thats quite a collection!
  8. Can't deny that aspect of it, can you kd6?

    I've bought a couple (thousand:eek: ) over the previous five years or so, Quit cold turkey about six months ago, still feeling withdrawal agonies. ("After all, they're Ferraris or Fords or ... right?")

    Here are a few:
    Three albums accessible from that page.

    I pretty much collect 1:43; my house isn't tiny, but models take up a lot of volume, even at that relatively small size.

    I do have a dozen Mustang models from early this year, but haven't photographed them yet.

    So many projects, so little time, eh?
  9. **** Koolodawg, I just bought 10 on Ebay tonight after seeing that. Not all mustangs. Chevelle, Chargers, Old School ****, I just love muscle cars. You should get a kickback for the AD bonus.
  10. I will with most of them, but right now I'm waiting for my own place again where I will have room to display them. They store much easier this way. I have at least 50 Mark Martin diecast, 30+ various Ford plastic models(most of which are Mustangs) all boxed up in storage also waiting...:(

    That it sure is:nice: It drives the g/f nuts and she calls me a Mustang nut/freak:rlaugh: I assure her there are far worse things to be addicted to:D


    Nice collection Frank S. I like the smaller scale and easily agree it's easier to display without consuming most of the house space, but the larger scale shows so much detail:D

    Oops, sorry:D I love alot of different cars, but for the time being, I'm going after Mustangs.
    Some of them I plan on making dioramas with, others I will put in display cases and then some will just be sitting here and there:D Thanks everyone for the comments:D
  11. I did take the blue w/white stripes S197 out and took some photos with my car in the spring...they are in the S197 photo post, but I will put them in here as well.


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  12. I am waiting very patiently for the Mustang transformer and a die cast or something of an 07 GT500. Nice shots :nice:
  13. There are a few Barricade Transformer toys out. As well, Hot Wheels Modifighters(Blue and Yellow)Mustang and they transform(I have the yellow).

    Here are two GT500s that http://www.diecastbymail.com has

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  14. I think what he meant was waiting patiently to purchase. I would assume everyone knows there plenty of GT500 models out there, and several Barricade models. I have both. In fact, here's a couple pics I have on my flickr account of some of my collection, including those pieces.


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  15. Right on Dark:nice: In "my" room at my old house I had a 7' bookshelf filled with just my plastic models. I had other shelves with my NASCAR diecast on them in several places in the room, but that was all taken down and moved 4 years ago now:( Now I have all that is shown here plus more added on top of that. They way it's going now, I'll need a decent sized room dedicated to cars:rlaugh:

    Anybody else have plastic or diecast? Please feel free to post it up in here:nice:
  16. Thanks Darkfire and Kooldawg. Yeah I want to buy a few of those asap. I'll have to go look around the toy shelves at Walmart. Any suggestions for buying locally? I cant stand waiting for online orders to come in. :p
  17. KMart and Toys R Us are the best place for the Carroll Shelby versions.
  18. I have a 20 by 25 foot room full of this stuff including posters, Jim Beam decanters, posters, books, sales brochures from every year, more than 100 trophies from shows, Christmas ornaments, sales literature, caps, knifes, coins, photos of my cars (current and present) and lots more.
    A 20 plus year collection.
  19. I usualy have good success at Target, Wal Mart and Toys R Us.
  20. How about some pics stan?:D