(MANY PICS)Broke in my new DSLR cam on some of my diecast

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  1. Don't know how to do it.
  2. ? do what? post the pics?
  3. I use photobucket.com for my pic uploading.
  4. +1

    Photobucket is the best.
  5. stan, the easiest way to post pics is to use a photo hosting service such as photobucket, imageshack, etc. create an account there. i use photobucket. when you upload your pics, it will give you 3 codes to use for various types of links. to post pics here, you would use the [​IMG] code. you can also simply post the html code for a link to the pic. here is an example of the photobucket page where you get your links. this is an old example, they have since upgraded their site.


    hope that helps stan! let me know if you have any other questions.
  6. Very nice!
    Most of mine from when I was that age and younger didn't survive as I was rough on most of my toys! Which now sadly consisted of original Star Wars figures, but oh well, I was a kid and loved to play with the toys I had:D
  7. It worked!!!!
    Forgive the mess in the room. I had a fireplace that leaked some water into the room, first time in 20 years following a very heavy rain. The carpet will soon be replaced with vinyl in large black and white squares to resemble a showroom floor.
    Fortunately there was no water damage to any of my items.
  8. Wow. I'm jealous.
  9. That is one heck of a collection you have there!
  10. I am, perhaps, a bit OCD. If I were more, the collection would be better organized. It has taken 20 years to collect all this stuff. I just wish I still had every REAL Mustang I have owned in that time period.
  11. Very nice collection stan:nice: I'm not jealous, but quite impressed! I would love to have that kind of space... Just to mention it again, every car in the pics I posted have been bought since this January. I consider myself OCD, but who isn't in some form or fashion:D
  12. wow, nice collection stan! can i have it? :D whats that cat doing? i hope it is just a funny angle of the furry critter and they were not about to get a boot!

    i would love to have all the art/pictures/posters you have, let alone the rest of the collection. :hail2:
  13. Both of my cats love the Mustang Room. The white cat loves to sleep in the sofa in there. I think he is a Mustang Cat. The other one, barely visible in one photo, likes to check it out but doesn't sleep in the room. They would both stay in the room all day if I allowed them to do so.
    Thanks for all the compliments. It is, as I said, a 20 plus year collection. I collect all I see related to Mustangs (that I can afford). Much of the art, specifically posters, have come from national Mustang shows. Many are signed by Steve Saleen and Carroll Shelby who I met at some of the same shows sponsored by the Mustang Club of America. There were also many free posters at those shows.
    Some of the items are from Ebay.
  14. I see you have the newly released Mustang Cat added to the collection
  15. Yes, and I paid sticker.
  16. Those are some awe-inspiring collections! It must be a good feeling to stand and look at them. I'm envious!