(MANY PICS)Broke in my new DSLR cam on some of my diecast

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  1. It is definitely a welcome sight to see other's collections:nice: It proves that it is a wide spread disease:rlaugh:
  2. Build a lightbox and you'll spend hours taking pictures of diecast. Here's a little shoot I just did.


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  3. Nice pics! Of course I went and researched a few different sites on what a light box is and how it can be built for cheap:nice:
  4. I used the Elmer's white board method for this one. This type required bouncing the lights of the top and side to fill the box with light. For my next one, I'm going to build a frame and cover it with white cloth to diffuse the light, then I can point it right at the places I want. But for my first attempt, this one works pretty good. Of course, just like any of my images, I clean them up in post processing.
  5. Where did you get that Shelby Hertz diecast? I like it.
  6. It's from Carroll Shelby Collectibles. I picked it up at K-Mart. Target and Toys R Us both sell them, as well as the internet.