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  1. I only joined this digest a few days ago, I have read all past posts that are on here (my aching back). I am an old dude @ 50 and have had 14 pre 71 Mustangs, one new 94 Gt (X got that one), an now have 01 droptop for the "new" ole lady. I wanted to buy nother muscle stang, but don't really know about the new technology. I have tried to have an open mind about the 4.6. I still love the 302/289/260. Y'all have given me inspiration (till I got to the forum on everybodys If y'all know of any other sites I can visit for digests, please let me know. Thanks again for all the good info, an not to much flamming except for the one 650 hp I will continue to read y'all. Thanks again.Jack
  2. well there is that OTHER Mustang site....ya know that OTHER one.....shouldnt even mention it it but its the

    And BTW....welcome to the best place on the net....were a pretty tight nit family here (at least us 94-95 guys are) you will love it here

    Anthony(wearing his flame suit for mentioning that OTHER place)
  3. What's a "digest" :shrug:

    J/K...Welcome to the boards!

    Im almost 40, so Im closer to you in age than some of the others.

    Good luck!
  4. welcome to stangnet its alot of fun here

    Im 26, you guys are old :D
  5. damn it how does this work
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    <marquee direction=left> WELCOME TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!</marquee>

  7. <marquee direction=left> WELCOME, I'm A tad OLDER than RC...But as you can see...he's quicker :D </marquee>
  8. Thanks Riff.

    But YOUR engine bay is NICER!
  9. Welcome to the board. Ask any questions you have about the "new" technology. The 99-newer SOHC 4.6L and 96-newer DOHC 4.6 are really nice motors. They have advantages and disadvantages. I suggest you check on both here and the modular boards with different questions. From a "do it yourselfer" point of view I prefer the 5.0 versus the 4.6L, but the 4.6L isn't as bad to work on as its made out to be, at least not the SOHC version.