Mark 8 Cobra Build

Nov 19, 2017
Hi everyone, so I got a good deal on a nice 94 Lincoln Mark VIII 32v engine and was wanting to swap into my 98 gt. What all do I need? And I plan on buying new heads, cams, intake, etc. for it anyway but if I were to buy cobra parts for it(such as intake) then what year cobra do I buy them from?
Agree on the Cobra B heads, but you'll also want the Cobra intake cams (I'm pretty sure only exhaust is the same), particularly with the Cobra heads because the intake ports flow considerably more than the Mark heads, even the 97-98 4v motors. Also, get the CObra fuel rail if you can, because the Lincoln has a fuel return system & the Mustangs don't. It will save you some time.


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Jun 2, 2005
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The 96-98 cars ALL have a return fuel system. 98 is a bastard year with a voltage regulated two speed pump, poor tank and basket design but it's still return style.

Mustangs went return less in 99.

However getting the mustang rails may fit better on the mustang intake vs the Mark intake. I"m not sure how much if any different they are.


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Aug 14, 2009
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Regarding the question of return vs return-less fuel systems it also depends upon the application. For example my Wife's 2002 Town Car has a 4.6 Romeo iron block with a return style fuel system.