Maryland performance shops.

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  1. Well i just got my gears in and now i need a shop to install them. Ive talked with about 5 shops in maryland and all the shops say its gonna cost $400 just for install. Can someone give me a decent shop that will install them for less of a price.
  2. Don't know of any in MD, but if drive out to Manassas there is a place called Excessive Motorsports. They did my gears & they are a great bunch of guys. Chris (the owner) does the installs himself. Let me know if you want their phone #.
  3. Sure give me the number and if you dont mind me asking how much they charged you. Thanks
  4. Number is 703-331-1422. Price usually runs around $300.
  5. Where in MD are you? I got mine done at a shop near College Park for around $300 too.
  6. excessive did mine also for $300 and i had no gear whine or anything. They rock.
  7. Well im all the way up north in harford county the shop in college park looks like its the closest. Can you give me the name of the shop jbp99cobra. Thanks
  8. The shop is actually in Beltsville, MD. It is Pasta's Garage. I don't think he remembers me, but he will most likely remember my car as it was a PITA to get the gears in (Cobra IRS). His # (301) 595-5020. Ask for Tony.
  9. I love Excessive.
  10. Maryland Shops

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