Mid Atlantic Maryland Rollcall

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  1. Germantown, MD...land of overpriced housing, high traffic volume and endless speedtraps checkin in.
  2. lol, damn, i think i could have done w/o the exhaust but thats just me, i thought i just spent alot on 3.0 reichard s/c pulley, 3.73s, oil, install kit, sct xcal 2 and a svt focus pump for a little under 800...i still need the gears installed and a tune...what did jpc get you for the tune....
  3. Rockville, MD checking in and ill try to bring my friend up to green turtle next weds what time do you guys get there?? Do you guys wait outside and like shoot the breeze before you go in??
  4. Princess Anne, MD...just south of Salisbury...any other stangs on the eastern shore?
  5. Moneywise it was included in the labor with the charger...they'll be cutting me a custom dyno tune for the Predator that I got.
  6. New Guy

    I live in Gaithersburg
  7. im new here. from baltimore. i actually pick up my 92 GT vert on sunday.
  8. Cool! Welcome to the site. :SNSign: Lookin forward to seeing some pics of the car too.
  9. pick the car up. got it to my shop & my tech wen through everything. only things that "really" needed to be done was the ouput shaft seal was leaking. but also did all the maintenance flushes and put some new rubber on. i cant wait until i get the tags for her, which should be thurs! here she is. she ust has regular ponys on, not the welds.i dont have any of my own pics. these are from the guy that was selling the car.

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  10. Taneytown, MD here!!!
  11. That is a gorgeous car dude!! :nice: I love the last years of the foxes...and that car was kept in incredible shape. Don't ya hate the wait for tags?

    As for me, I'm going nuts not being able to drive mine...dropped my car off last night, and when I get it back tomorrow it'll have a Procharger on it. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, lol. I think I've told all my friends five times. :p
  12. Hey, Stewartstown, PA calling. I'm only 10 miles from the MD line (about 35 mins. north of Hunt Valley). I was born and raised in Baltimore (Overlea) and lived in Sparks, MD before I moved to PA. Close enough?


  13. thanks very much. i was amazed to see how clean this thing is. that's cool about your car. who is doing the work?
  14. Jessup, MD. Right down the street form the Green turtle. Torch Red 03 Mach 1.
  15. can anyone suggest a place that can work on mustangs for a reasonable price?
  16. I'm in Olney

    07 Black GT/CS Mustang Premium Pkg 5 Sp MT
  17. kensington here wats up chris(caship) hows the rosh ? hopfuly one day ill makeit back otu the one of ur meets :hail2: :flag:
  18. Bethesda. I work in Silver Spring.
  19. I get all mine done at JPC Racing in Glen Burnie, MD. Their prices are about market average, but they do great work.
  20. I got the Procharger on and tuned. 346 RWHP (keep in mind it's an auto). I pulled a 13.1 @ 107 at Capitol on Sunday with traction uses and bouncing the rev limiter. Drizzle and a broken Camaro cut my runs short.

    This wasn't my fastest run...didn't really launch, but it's the only decent video I got (the mic kinda sucks...but you get the gist of it).


    You've GOTTA see what happened to this Camaro (and the van behind it).


    Hope you enjoyed the vids!