Mid Atlantic Maryland Rollcall

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  1. Hello, new guy here. Nice Site you have here! Just thought I would introduce myself,
    Im Dave from Harford Co. and this is my Car.
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  2. What's up...

    Greetings from Gaithersburg/North Potomac.

    Any other shops besides JPC in Glen Burnie? I live in a townhouse with a limited supply of tools, etc., sucks I cannot tackle some mods myself...

    Anybody know of a good tint shop in MD near Monkey county?
  3. MIR Saturday

  4. Dumped???

    I'm in Takoma Park, MD. I'm looking for a shop as well to do the stuff I can't do in the alley/parking lot/front yard!!!!:rlaugh: I'm still tryin to get to know some folks with mustangs, especially those that AutoX or do the high speed drivers ed courses.
  5. ELLICOTT CITY. may be selling my 90lx vert as a roller soon. it's ok, I'll still have my 67
  6. This thread is a couple years old...

  7. even older now but ill check in! went to high school in calvert, live in charles, and latley hangout in st.marys!
  8. really old thread
    but still.....
    Shelby Silver Spring area
  9. Holy smokes this is old but it is the only one around so I'm still here but with a new ride. Now I'm sporting a 95 GT and live in Silver Spring also.
  10. Really old. I'm in Berlin/OC, MD
  11. Owings Mills here
  12. Awesome, this thread is 5 years old... and still going..

    Checking in from Sparks, MD just N of Towson. 03 Cobra, 95 GT, 87 GT

    Any local GTG going on around here this year?
  13. Should be a gtg in ocean city next month. If not there's a stang lurkin' around every corner during oc cruise week :nice:
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  15. Old. Annapolis here. On my second fox
  16. ahhh... the thread is revived yet again...lol
    Dont forget Ocean City cruise week again ... May 17-20. Of course you'll want to attend the mustang show at Dead Freddies on that saturday!
  17. Yea man I'm hoping to make it this year, missed last cus I was doing weekends in jail for a dui... My car probably won't be ready but I've got a few fox body friends from No.VA I'll be hitching with
  18. Edgewater MD and I plan on making it to ocean city again. been the last couple years and watched a corvette rear end another vette in front of dead freddies last year followed up by a mid 80's camaro rear ending a couple in a buick sedan. Be careful when you do burnouts in traffic. It was hilarious!
  19. I live like 5 minutes away from you near the Kilarney House in Dville..
  20. I drive past it everyday on the way to work. I'm the V.P. of Bayside mustangs on thursdays at the greene turtle in edgewater we have a cruise in along with wheels from the past you should come check us out. We'll occasionally get together as a group and cruise up to marley station on a saturday or glen burnie mall on a friday. Pretty cool having 10 or more stangs all in a row headed up 97 or on a cruise around south county.