Mass Air Computer??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1fast302, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know what the "best" computer to use in a speed density to mass air swap is? I have been told that A9l and A9P are both good. I have also been told that the A9P was originally in automatics and has less timing than 5 spd versions. Confusing!
  2. I've been told that it is better to use the A9P(auto) when converting to 5Spd MAF because of issues dealing with rev. limiters or some crap like that.
  3. i swapped an A9L into my 88 stang 5-speed and so far so good.
  4. Either would work well...
    The timing differences are not all that significant.
  5. I ahve two A9l's one died on me, and the other is in the car now.. they are getting really hard to find, and the repro ones you can buy cheap are not as good...
  6. I am curious what the difference is on the repo's?
  7. I'm interested in this as well as I will be doing the swap this winter. Where are you guys finding computers? Ebay? Junkyards?
  8. I have found computers from both of those sources.

    There is a small amount of risk, as you can't test a computer on ebay, or in a j/y for that matter.

    Check with parts stores too, as sometimes the refubished units are quite resonably priced.

    I paid $75 for an LA3 computer on ebay, but could have purchased a reman'd unit for ~ $100.
    If it is in the budget, a new/reman'd computer is less risky.

    I asked how the reman'd computers were of lower quality...
    I doubt there is any difference at all.
    The computer code won't be any different, nor will the hardware of the EEC.

    I asked more as a challenge, as I don't see any way one EEC-IV can be inferior to another, with the same catch code.

  9. I have an 89 A9L for sale. $120 shipped. very good cond. Let me know it was pulled from a running car- switched to carb.