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  1. I have seen people on here posting that they were going to go with Mass Air but then I haven’t seen any results or any tech for it. I want to go Mass Air instead of Vane and am looking for some feedback.... If any of you have had some success in this venue please send some numbers my way of HP gain and Part numbers and some tech for what I may need to do to accomplish this.
  2. Search Turboford and look on Yahoo! Groups for the 2.3 Tuners group (I think that's the one).

  3. Then how do you know you want to go mass air if you havent seen any info?
  4. Allow me to Re-Phrase myself then. I am interested in going mass air due to the HP gains that can be involved. If the work is worth it and the cost is not too outrageous I am thinking of going this route.
  5. I would search Turboford also.
  6. The switch is usually done to go above the airflow limits of the vane air be properly done, you'll need an EEC-tuner and do a lot more research.

    I'm looking at mass air myself, but will more likely use blow-through vane air...I'm expecting to get into the 350-400rwhp range with my Holset turbo and this should be beyond the range the VAM will support.
  7. Yes get a EEC-tuner and start researching! a351MUST2 I would get
    that new mass air meter if you your making that kind of power.
  8. The VAM tops out at 300 HP give or take a few.

    When it comes to that kind of power, switching to an SDS or MSD is usually in the cards. The beauty of the MSD swap is you don't need either the VAM or MAF at all.

  9. I agree.
  10. What advantages will the Blow through Vam Bring to the setup? I have seen the picture and the thread but I guess I didnt understand it fully. Plus I still need a Large Working Vam.
  11. Beat him to it! :nice:
  12. WOW WOW WOW...Ok slow down :)

    How does this work ? I was wondering if Craig Gillis is running this set up also because if you look at his car hes got a MSD on it and I can't see either a VAM or MAF :shrug:

    Does MSD make a control box that is plug and play that you just buy and it takes place of the VAM/MAF :shrug:

    With my head swap and few mods I'm looking for around 250hp and will make do until I get my new turbo next year which I hope to get 350hp out of it. Will this MSD set up work on low power lvls like 250hp :shrug:
  13. Hey if I can go without either one and hit 300 + then I am all ears on how to do this and please send some good Part numbers for it also and a accurate write up so I can follow it.
  14. I'll have some info on it once I complete the swap. You will need an EEC tuner to do it though. There is no "right" way to just plug it in and run it no matter what some companies may try to tell you.

    The advantage isn't really all about's more about a more accurate way of measuring airflow and a less restrictive unit which does add some power.

  15. I'll be going the other rout, no meter with an MSD, so both intake choices will eventually be posted. Problem is I don't know when I'll get to it. The car needs a rad, (afco) and I need to work on the rad support (rusty). The car goes to the body shop for paint as soon as that is complete and then I'll start working on the engine. I posted up some vids of startup in the SVO history thread.

    I'm looking forward to reading your results Stinger. I may go MAF for the DD if the change over is simple enough. Can you PM me some info on that IC you're going to use in place of the volvo one. I've got two volvo IC's, but if I'd rather use an NPR or equatable alternative.

  16. Yes. The VAM uses a natural log function, and in high airflow situations, it's just not accurate enough to give a decent reading.
  17. Thats cool, I will be waiting for both systems reports :nice: . Now I'm wondering if the MSD has a box that well plug and play or do you also need a EEC Tunner also. It makes since to have a tunner also but you never know until ya ask :)

    Well here in the next few days I'm taking my SVO off line for a few months to get a few things done like my ported head, newer intakes, and LA3/35lbs. The first is my exhaust system and exspecialy that cracked E3 is killing me :puke:
  18. X: What MSD are you talking about? I've never heard of what you are saying.

    The IC is out of a Mitsu FK diesel truck...very similar to the NPR...only cheaper, wider, and with bigger in/outlet.