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  1. There was already a group buy a while back on TF.

    I don't know how sharing the file would do any good unless everyone had an SDS system. I suppose maybe that's what "kiddic" is talking about.

    IMO it's a total waste unless you are making big power (350+) or have alot of cash to spare. There are just cheaper ways to do it on a mild setup.
  2. Yes Stinger that is what I was saying and after reading more for the blow through VAM I think I will be going that route myself, it seems simple and sensible also.
  3. I still aven't figured that blow through VAM deal out yet :) I guess it means that instead of the air being pulled through the VAM in the stock location, its being forced through the VAM. That is about as much as I can figure out

    Now the SDS apeals to me because I aliminate the VAM and EEC. This way I'm using a more efficent and modern way of running my car :nice:
  4. I can see your thinking Pro-Hawk and I may go to that later on after others do all of the leg work for me... :spot:
    For now the Blow Through VAM appeals to me because I dont have to buy anything over what I need already and for the time being it is a great way to go. :)
  5. I hear ya :D

    I got a ton of odd ball things I need before I cross this bridge. This cracked E3 is killing me, I just got off the phone with Motion Dynamics on my gaskets and studs, I hope to replace the whole exhaust by this weekend. After that I'm rewireing the TPS/ IAC and installing a boost & A/F gauge. This should keep me busy while people get the details worked out with the SDS. If not I still got a ported head that needs put on :)
  6. Hey do we have to use this box with the SDS or can we use one without a boost retard switch?

    Now if we used this box would this replace the fuel switch on a SVO? I mean even if you use a manual boost vavle the fuel swicth still retards/advances the timming by 3 degrees I think?

    Update: this is what I got back from Westren MotorSports on there SDS for the 2.3T (SVO).

    No problems with our SDS on any year SVO, no maf or vam is used, we measure load though a map sensor (supplied) that is also more accurate and allows fuel enrichment and timing retard in relation to boost.

    Only the basic MSD 6A box is needed, our computer takes care of everything else. We do put a base program in for you so the engine starts and runs but it will need fine tuing on your end. It is very easy to change for things like bigger injectors, head, intake, cam changes etc.

    Let me know if you need further info

    Western Motorsports Inc.