Master Cylinder Leak

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  1. Is there anyway to replace just the reservoir on the master ? Mine is leaking slowly where the reservoir mounts to it and it would be silly to have to go crazy changing it if I can just change the reservoir and stop the leak .
  2. You can change just the reservoir, it's not the easiest thing to pop apart but it does actually just pull apart. Be very careful to not get brake fluid on any painted surfaces or you be wishing you changed the whole thing!
  3. I got a complete NEW not remaned MC from Auto Zone for $54. I noticed they could get up into the $100+ range at other stores. The resevior may be a little less but I would go ahead and replace the whole thing IMO.

    I actually returned my MC because I found the leak while replacing the front rotors.
  4. Yeah I guess I'll stop being lazy and just change the whole thing .
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  6. This should be a CT lol
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  7. I always bench bleed .
    I love when my friends and family call me and ask me why they can't get the air out and I ask if they bench bleed and I get a moment of silence on the other end of the phone
  8. Mine leaks a little too...i will replace both the master and booster in time...
  9. I looooooooove the vacuum tool!

    Does a pretty job of bleeding master cylinders too. :D
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  10. @Noobz347 it's on my list maybe I'll buy one for this special project
  11. You can get really cheap ones that work very well from the parts stores.
  12. Like a lisle brand right ?
  13. Something like that, yeah. Mine is some elcheapo with a pump built into the handle.