Matching Paint

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by red94fiveo, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. I am buying a new Cobra front bumper to replace my cracked stock one, my question if this:

    My car is Rio Red, but after almost 10 years, I'm sure the paint has started to fade a little bit, it almost has a little bit of an orange hue to it. I called the local ford dealship and they said they would put it on and paint for $330, which I thought was reasonable, but how close will they be able to get the paint to the rest of my car? Will I be able to tell a difference or not? Thanks for any replies.
  2. dealerships are pretty good at matching paint. I dont take mine to the dealership for painting due to the prices. But the body shop i take it too uses a computer to match the paint, instead of just taking the code off of the door. Don't worry, your paint will look almost dead on.
  3. Agreed. My brother has a associates degree in auto body repair and they used a meter that is similar to a window tint meter that will match the paint to the rest of the car. He painted his ground effects on his car and they match perfect with the rest of the car and it is also a red 95.
  4. Hope it turns out better than mine...They just matched the paint on my R hood and if it's sunny outside or under yellow lighting it makes it look like the rest of the car's grey and the hood's much much blacker. Kind of irritating. If I were you I'd make sure it's computer matched.
  5. Do yourself a favor and get in writing that the paint will match or they will repaint it til it does. Paint colors vary for company to company and year to year. Rio red if like my black probably has three diffrent variances(colors) and it also it depends on how its applied and what kind and how much clear they use. What I'm saying is even with a computer the color could be off. And if your like me you want it to be dead on otherwise it will always look like a repainted part.
    There is a thin line between a good and a great paint job. Just make sure they understand that it has to match DEAD ON and you should be ok.