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Jul 15, 2018
Were all the 1986 Mustang (SVO, GT, LX) T5 manual bell flanges identical? I've been told all T5's are identical and that only the bell housing changes but why do so many people have such a hard time mating them with Chevy powerplants, what's going on in the crank flange?
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Dec 26, 2016
Cordova, TN
I believe the GM T-5 had a different input shaft and it is also rotated slightly from straight up and down. Here's a quote from a Tremec employ on another forum, but it's trying the other way...putting a GM T5 on a Ford.

"READ MY WORDS......... The Chevy version T5 WILL NOT bolt up to a Ford motor. The bolt pattern is different. The input shaft length is way different and the chevy version is canted 17* towards the drivers side.
If by some chance you fabricated an adapter plate to mate the 2 together then you'll need to figure out the speedometer cable as the chevy cable does not have the ford end on it and you won't be able to make that connection either. The O.D. of the input shaft is different between the 2 and the pilot bearing would have to be a custom piece as well. Also, because of the different o.d. of the input, a ford splined clutch disc would not fit it, you'd have to mix and match a clutch kit in order to make it work. Last...the shifter is not in the correct position to fit a mustang. The fox body mustang uses the 19 1/2" position which means that if you measure from the front face of the transmission, down the centerline of the tranny to shifter, it would be 19.500" back. Depending on what year Camaro the T5 came out of, it will not be in that location."

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