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Apr 29, 2003
West L.A.
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edit: Err, I hope it's ok to post this.

I got an email from them saying they'd receive the first shipment of 17x8's by July 2nd. Hopefully they can keep it going but I will be jumping on a set asap.

Here's the email for those interested:


This email is to inform you that we are expecting our
first shipment of 17x8" Pony R wheels to arrive the
week of July 2! If you are no longer interested in these
wheels, please ignore this email. For those
that are still interested, please read further.

We are kindly asking that those individuals that are
still interested in purchasing a set or a pair of our 17x8"
Pony R wheels to please respond to this email with
your name, call back number, lug pattern and the wheel
finish your are interested in. Even if you have previously
filled out our survey, please respond to this email. Due
to the unexpected delays, we would like to contact only
those who wish to be called. Only chrome and argent
(silver) are available at this time. Wheels include
Mavromont "Pony R" caps, however, they do also
accept the OEM caps. Please visit our website at
"" for some sample pictures.

Pricing for the 17x8" wheels are as follows,
Chrome are 136 US dollars per wheel plus shipping
Argent are 173 US dollars per wheel plus shipping

For the other sizes, 17x9"s are an extra $3 per wheel
and 17x10"s are an extra $6 per wheel.

If you are interested in a staggered set of our Pony R
wheels with 17x8" wheels for the front and 17x9" or
17x10" wheels for the back, we are automatically
reserving a pair of 17x9"s or 17x10"s for those that
purchase a pair of our 17x8"s wheels now. The
17x9"s or 17x10"s are currently in production and
the expected date of delivery is early September.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Evelyn M.
Mavromont Industries
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May 17, 2000
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I plan on getting a set of 17x9 for the rear of my car once they have them available.