Max-G 66 Mustang

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  1. AME says it's getting closer. Won't be too long now till the real work begins! I need to decide on a set of wheels. Going with 18's. Any recommendations?
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    Away it goes..........
  3. Interesting opinion. I always thought everything about the 302 was somewhat lame except the low cost. Most 302s from Ford made less than 200 hp. The mod motors made a lot more power with less cubes. Also, say I want to spend a bunch of money to make more than 200 hp with my 302 - the BLOCK can only handle 400-500 hp! Crazy! Mod motors can handle double that! So for an average, cheap build 302s are fine, but I don't see where they are so great that you would say a mod motor sucks by comparison. The mod motors make more power, can handle more potential power, they are more efficient, better packaging for boost.. just all around better motors unless cost is the over-riding concern.

    I have a 302 in my convertible and it's fine. I'm not hating on 302s. Just saying they aren't the greatest motor ever.
  4. The HP gained per dollar spent on a pushrod windsor is much better then a mod motor.

    I also have to disagree with the amount of power a mod motor can take. The earlier mod motor Teksid castings are strong and if you debur the block they are good to 900HP or so but stock they are really only good to around 550-650HP. The later mod motors that are not Teksid castings are not as strong.

    The 4v heads are much better then the 2v heads. Trying to make power out of a 2v is (the last time I looked) WAY more expensive then going with a pushrod 302 for the same power output. I don't see a lot of poeple puting the 4.6L 4v motor in the classics.

    How many people are building 4.6L motors to 500+ HP in their street cars ?
  5. New 5.0, serious power and 30 MPG.... 500HP can be had easy and make a big block cry.
  6. The one I am using (in the pics) is the 4V version. I am seriously considering selling it and getting the new 5.0 though. Regardless I am putting a blower or twin turbo on it so there won't be a lack of power. Plenty of time to think about it. Looks like the frame is still 6 weeks out :-(
  7. I am considering the new 5.0 install in my 95 GT once I get done with my 65. The modular motors are getting more popular in the classic car conversion and definately the fox bodys. And the aftermarket is stepping up to help with just about any motor combination a person could think of to install in there classic. :nice:
  8. Chassis has arrived!

  9. Holy Max G effort! That chassis looks nice. Who makes it?
  10. AME (Art Morisson)
  11. Sweet...Git er done, I want to see how you graft the body on!
  12. Kickass project! Im a build what YOU want believer, but as mentioned I'd toss the 2V idea.
  13. wow, this looks superb!!!
  14. Looks great...was follwing your thread over on pro-touring also...keep up the great work...a coyote would fit the bill quite nice if you ditch the 4v.
  15. Nice!!! Ive got a pro-touring 66' build going too!! I went with the Schwartz Chassis. Yours looks alot wider than the Schwartz.
  16. This car is going to be truck loads of fun when it's back in one piece!! On your engine choice- I wasn't a believer of the Modular until I saw them run at an NMRA event.