Max-G 66 Mustang

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  1. Figured I'd finally post some updates...........:lol:
  2. Nice new 5.0 crate engine has arrived :)
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  3. Dang man, good luck with that 5.0 If you need any help or parts my friend's have a shop and have put the new 5.0 into a Fox chassis. I can give you their contact info if you need anything.
  4. Thanks Rusty. She's in there now :)
  5. I see it in there. It looks good. If you need help getting it running or tuned, let me know.
  6. I've got to do a custom tune once the blower is on. I'll be sure to keep your contact details handy :). Thanks

    BTW, how is yours coming?
  7. I'm trying to get my 03 daily driver back to its former glory. The 67 is on hold. Actually everthing is on hold until my ankle gets better. Went down on my bike a week ago and the left ankle didn't take it too well =(
  8. Looking good Creston!! My project hasn't moved since last time I posted. I think my ambitions have exceeded my skill and pocketbook. I was going to invest in some NewGen wheels for my car but it looks like that business went belly up according to =( O well I'm glad I didn't loose thousands of dollars like some people did.
  9. I don't like this build..... I love it. Keep up the progress! I am all for modern tech on a classic car. This will be one heck of a driver once your done. Also, +1 on the couple.

  10. Very nice. I love this build.
  11. Car is heading to the body shop. This is a video of the body coming off the frame

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  12. Sorry for the delay in updates. Frame is back from paint so putting it together. Body is in it's first round of primer and blocking.





  13. Think this is going to be it.............

  14. Im speechless. Awesome build and love the rendering, A+