Max-G 66 Mustang

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  1. Thanks! Hows your project?
  2. We're going to Goodguys tomorrow for the show. I had planned to have the rear mini tubed before the show , but time issues pushed that back. There are a couple of things besides the rear that I want to change or upgrade, but there just mostly cosmetic or bolt on upgrades. We will show tomorrow if the rain holds off. Once again, I love what you've done so far & I know when your finished it will be one of a kind.
  3. Back where it belongs


    Some of the wiring to make this thing work


    Starting to Polish the Headers

  4. Up on the rotisserie now.........will paint soon!

  5. Cool project, are those wheels the 'Night Train' from Rushforth Wheels?
  6. Yes they are :) I'm going to paint them a different color though
  7. Finally some paint!!


  8. very nice!
  9. Thanks! Hopefully back to me this week (of course I said that last week, too) :)
  10. Hood is Painted

  11. Car is back at my shop. Took a couple of pics with a proper camera


  12. Wow that looks great!!!!!