Max/most Cca For A Cobra

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  1. Hey Guys

    I have a 94 cobra that starts rough or takes many cranks. This leads to the battery dragging or draining rather quickly. My mechanic is saying my battery is not good enough or does not have enough CCA for my car. But when I take that battery out and put it in my 65 ford truck that has sat for months it starts it right up, same with a 67 new yorker I have. The battery is a Duralast Gold 610 CCA and 760 CA (90 reserve minutes). Is this not enough? I do not have a massive stereo system. The car is running a TFS stage 1 cam if that has anything to do with it.My questions are:Is my current battery sufficient?Is there a larger CCA battery I can get that will fit in the tray/area provided?
  2. 610 CCA should be plenty. however, yes there are batteries that fit your tray that have much more CCA, some as much as 1200. i would first start by checking things like the crank position sensor, the plugs, the coils, etc. and find out why the car is hard to start. yo may not be getting enough fuel, or too much, or the coils are not providing enough spark energy, etc.
  3. Don't spend time trying to find a crank position sensor on a '94, there isn't one. Have you ever cleaned the MAF? If not buy some MAF cleaner, remove the MAF and spray away. There is only one ignition coil to deal with so that's an easy fix. However, before buying parts you really should check for trouble codes. Using a paperclip or a $22 reader the choice is yours, me I preferred the reader. As to fuel you will need a pressure gauge but in the mean time pull the fuel pressure regulator vacuum line. If there is any hint of fuel from the hose the regulator is done.
  4. toyman you are right to a point, there is a crank position sensor, but it is part of the hall effect sensor in the distributor, which oddly enough also doubles(triples??) as a cam position sensor.
  5. I'm quite aware of the PIP and its function. The point I was making was you will not find a crank position sensor as you would on the 3.8L and 4.6L engines.
  6. Take the car to Autozone or Advance or O'Reilly and have them do a battery test. See what the battery is actually putting out. I know Advance's computer system has the manufacturer spec for cold cranking amps in their computer spec. If the battery is putting out more actual cranking amps than the factory spec, than it is not a battery problem. Do not rule out other things like bad battery cables, a bad ground or just an old starter. I think Advance is the one that has the test equipment that hooks to the battery and tests the whole starting system. It's a free test.

  7. i figured that you did, i made that post not for you, but for others who may not understand the PIP and how it works.:nice::nice:
  8. thanks for the input guys. I am gonna look into all of this. But I just found the car is having blow-by issues on top of this. BTW the car has a brand new pro-m MAF and meter. The conical filter type. Would the blow-by issue cause hard starts?
  9. it might if the compression was reduced, and the plugs oil fouled as a result.
  10. Run a compression test on the engine. Is it burning any oil?

  11. Did it have hard starts before the new pro-m? Is it by any chance one that's 'calibrated' for some bigger injectors you also installed? Also is it an oiled conical filter?