Max power potential of the 05 GT?

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  1. How many mods do you think we would be able to throw on these new engines? Could we get it up to 400 hp without having to drop a supercharger in it? I wonder if there will be some inexpensive "cams and headers" sets for it? Any guesses?
  2. It all depends on what you call inexpensive. For modular motor camshafts are generally speaking not inexpensive (you have to buy a minimum of 2). My guess is unless you are talking nitrous. You won't be making 400 without a poweradder of some sort.

  3. Well first thing (like when the 4.6 first came out) is aftermarket parts people will need to get their hands on them to figure out what they are working with. Then they have to figure out how to get around the drive by wire system. You can't just bolt a power adder on upstream of it because it will sense to much air flow to throttle demand and shut down on you. So they have to recalibrate the computer. Then they have to figure out the new Charge Motion Control system and hydraulic cam system too keep everything optimzed all without a chip install due to the lack of connector on the new PCM. I think the 05 crowd is going to be limited to very simple boltons for about 6-8 months until things can get designed and the bugs worked out. This platform is an all new strategy for Ford so time will only tell.
  4. Almost anything is possible with enough time and money. However 400 HP N/A does not seem practical considering that in spite of its 4V heads & larger displacement, the 5.0 Cammer puts out 420HP, is not 50 state emission legal and does not meet Ford's durability requirements for production cars.

    A Ford engineer I spoke with told me that so far they have not been able to make 400HP with the 4.6L, 3V motor, at least not in street legal form.

    Now if you have money to burn you could put in 92mm bore liners, which would bump you up to 4.8L, then put in a stroker crank and rods to get you up to 5.0, get new pistons that would bump the CR up to 10.5:1 (91 octane required), put in agressive cams, long tube headers and a cold air induction system, you're able to re-program the PCM and you don't have to worry about passing emissions, 400 HP may be in sight.
  5. If you ask me, I will not be satisfied with anything less than quad turbos,
    20's, and nitrous for those times when I need 800hp instead of just 600.

    Dont like that? I dont care what you like. what you like dont matter.
  6. The Ford racing parts that are currently available for the cobra. Are only listed to give you 60 hp. And that is with head, intake, camshafts, freeflow headers, and recalibrated computer. So it you consider that they don't recommend it for the 2003 cobra. It won't even allow the 2001 cobras to hit 400hp. Which is more poewrful than the 05 gt engine.
  7. bought a bullitt eh??

    whats the matter, do you have too much money and needed to burn some on a car with a nice gas tank cover that doesnt move any faster than the GT.

    round here we have fun with rich kids.
  8. Ok, lets see here. If the estimated times hold and it does 0-60 in 5.2 and the 1/4 mile in the high 13's, any chance of shaving a half second off those times without using a supercharger? I am not sure because the 03 Cobra runs 4.5 and 12.9 WITH a supercharger, but it may be possible to get the 05 GT down into the low to mid 13's with some work.
  9. You've obviously never driven a Bullitt have you? If you had, you'd realize it is faster than a stock GT. 5.0 Mustang drove it to a [email protected] mph and 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. That's faster than a stock 99-04 GT.
  10. Good news. In the new 5.0 Mustang magazine, they said that the new GT engine should be fairly easy to mod and should respond very well to them. The only thing they could compare the old 2 valve GT engine to was the 3 valve engine out of the F-150. It is a pretty cool article.
  11. Any OHC motor is expensive when it comes to cams,heads and other valvetrain/upper engine parts...even imports. Just the nature of the beast. Also we remember how long it took for a decent set of cams for 2v/4v to be made...and those are few and far between..i have seen several people have problems with the comp cams kits. Now add an extra lobe to that since its a 3v per cylinder head....program design starts all over. It will happen..just not right away....look for a Kenne Bell blower to be released not long after the 05's come out..supposedly Kenne Bell were testing those and the 3v F150 blowers at the same time, and the 3v kit for the f150 is out already. Just my 2 cents.
    Thanks, Vince
  12. for the automatic cars, a shift kit, restalled and more efficient torque converter, some PCM programming, and cold air kit should yeild between 3-4 tenths.

    at my shop we performed these mods on a '04 GTO and knocked the ET down from 13.6 to a 13.2 on street radials.

    Just making the power/torque transfer more efficient through the transmission will make better use of the power the car already has.

    Intake kit and full exhaust will help a bit too.

    I've had thoughts of buying a '05 V6 model, dumping the V6 and squeezing in a '03 SVT SC motor with a KB charger, upgraded IC, upgraded fuel system and custom exhaust and making some potent power :)