maximum motorsports cc plates?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by big nasty, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. after the install of the maximum motorsport cc plates the strut tower brace does not fit anymore and the engine bay does not look complete without it. the only clearence problems is the top bolts on the driver and passenger side struts. would you guys suggest just to cut it off and put the brace back on? :shrug:
  2. Those are real nice CC plates. My KB strut bar fits back on fine though, although it goes on the side of the strut tower not over the top of them.

    My problem is the shop that did the install left the bushing out and the bolts gouged the under side of my hood leaving bolt sized holes in it. So I need to call them and take it back in for that to be adjusted yet.

    I do agree though the bar looks good in the engine bay. I wish I had more answers to correct the problem.

    How does your bar mount?
  3. the factory stut brace mounts on the side(toward radiator) and on the top of the strut tower. it also mounts on the top of the firewall
  4. mine went in fairly easy, Three or four bolt? Definately check out the clearence before you shut the hood. I still have the stock shock tower, no mods needed. Just study the pictures before you do any drilling, I guess it might be too late for that though!
  5. 4 bolt i believe that is the only one mm offers for 94 up. might also be due to the alignment. i beleive the kb strut brace only mounts to the side of the strut towers