Expired Maximum Motorsports Non-offset Front Control Arms, 1994-04 Mustang, Urethane. Mmfca-7

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Jul 7, 2004
Asking $300 OBO + shipping. I installed these control arms on my 92 Mustang with the intent of getting a wider front track for better handling. With my 9" wide wheels I would have had to do some fender modifications that I did not want to get into. So i went back to the fox length arms. I drove the car once with these arms just to notice there was way to much tire rub on the front fenders. These are basically new, just have been installed and removed the next day. They go for $349 new plus shipping. Visit the Maximum Motorsports page for more info:
Feel free to email me for more info or pics. Thanks.
IMG_0913 (Small).JPG
IMG_0910 (Small).JPG
IMG_0909 (Small).JPG
IMG_0908 (Small).JPG
IMG_0911 (Small).JPG
IMG_0912 (Small).JPG
DSCF0366 (Small).JPG
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